Fruity Loops comes to Mac... finally!

If you work with music audio at all, then you've probably heard of FL (Fruity Loops) Studio from Image-Line. It's been available exclusively on Windows since it came out in 1997. Big name music producers use the software, including Metro Boomin, Hit-Boy, Vinylz, Martin Garrix, Porter Robinson, and Murda Beatz.

After two decades, FL Studio is finally available on Mac with FL Studio 20. Obviously, this is the biggest news about the new version, but it includes some fantastic new features too.

With FL Studio 20, users get support for time signatures, freezing certain clips to free up CPU, and having the ability for multiple arrangements. With the multiple arrangements feature, users may work with different variations of a project at once.

For those working in the music industry, the release of FL Studio 20 is huge. You can get the most basic version of FL Studio for $99. If you want the complete and comprehensive version, that will run you a whopping $899. Be warned though — while the $899 version comes with a variety of VSTs, only some of them are cross-compatible with Mac.

If you purchase a copy for FL Studio, it includes both Windows and Mac. Current customers could just download the Mac version for no extra charge. And most importantly, all projects are compatible between both the Mac and Windows version of FL Studio.

While not all of us are music producers, we understand that Fruity Loops is a well-known and trusted name in the industry. We never thought we'd see the day that it comes to Mac, but here we are.

Image-Line announced back in 2013 that they were working on a Mac version, and released a version in 2014 that never went anywhere after that. The reason for the delay in coming out with a Mac version is due to the fact that FL Studio was originally made with the Delphi programming language, as it's more geared for the Windows OS.

If you're interested in purchasing FL Studio 20, you can do so directly from their website.

Christine Chan

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