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The Nintendo Switch has been my preferred gaming console for the past several years, just because it's the most convenient system for me. With the Switch, I can play it at home as a home console on the TV, or I can take it with me anywhere I go and continue to play my games. But when I take it along with me, I need a carrying case to go with it.

I currently have the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition Nintendo Switch, so when I saw these cute Animal Crossing-themed cases, I had to check them out. If you enjoy Animal Crossing or just want a matching case for your ACNH themed Switch, then you should consider the Funlab Animal Crossing Leather Carrying Case, which comes in two styles: Tom Nook and Island.

Perfect for Animal Crossing fans

Funlab Island Theme Acnh Nintendo Switch Case

Funlab ACNH Leather Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

Bottom line: The Funlab Leather Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch is made with two layers of PU leather that feels soft to the touch. Your Nintendo Switch fits snugly into the case, and two magnetic clasps on the flap and front of the case make it easy to open and close. There is a game card holder on the front, underneath the flap, that can hold up to five Nintendo Switch game cards. The Animal Crossing designs are adorable and are sure to turn heads.


  • Aesthetically pleasing ACNH designs (match with ACNH Switch)
  • Soft PU leather material
  • Easy-open magnetic closure
  • Game card holder for five games
  • Snug fit keeps your Switch safe and secure


  • No plush interior lining
  • Can be hard to pull game cards out
  • Need to manually line up magnetic clasp to close

A cute and stylish way to protect your Switch on-the-go

Funlab ACNH Leather Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch review: Features

Funlab Acnh Leather Carrying Case Switch Island ThemeSource: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore

The Funlab ACNH Leather Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch comes in two variations: brown with half of Tom Nook's face on the front flap, or pastel blue with creamy off-white, featuring the same Nooks-on-island design as the ACNH Edition Nintendo Switch. I personally prefer the Island theme, but both are great options for an Animal Crossing fan. The Island theme has the design printed right on the leather itself, while the Tom Nook version seems to have a leather print that is sewn into the front. The designs are printed with high pixel density, so it appears crisp and sharp.

Both cases are made with two-layers of PU leather, and while it's artificial, it still feels soft to the touch. Both cases have a front flap with magnetic closures, which make it easy to open and close the case. On the Tom Nook version, the flap extends down to the near-bottom of the case, and it's a straight line. With the Island theme, the front flap is a little shorter, and it has a wave-cut, so it looks like the blue part of the case is the sea, with the island (and the Nooks) floating above it. The magnetic closure is pretty strong and secure, but if you're closing it with the Switch inside, you'll need to align it before it closes.

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Your Switch with attached Joy-Cons will fit snugly inside, and you won't have to worry about them falling out. Since there is no plush interior lining, the leather inside adds more resistance, so your Switch doesn't just "fall" out. But if you need your Switch, it's easy enough to pull out of the case. Since it is a snug fit, you won't have room for other accessories though.

Underneath the flap, you'll find the game card holder, which can store up to five game cards. The slots are a bit tight, so you may need to put some effort into getting them in there, but since it's also leather, it should loosen up over time. I recommend not pushing them in all the way, just so you can easily pull out the game cards you need.

The Funlab Nintendo Switch Leather Carrying Case is not the slimmest carrying case out there (I prefer the Tomtoc Slim Case for that), but it should still fit into your tech bag without a hitch. It's also insanely cute with the Animal Crossing designs, and the company offers other design options, like Pokémon.

I am reviewing the regular Switch version of these cases, but the company also makes them for the Switch Lite.

It's a perfect match for my Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch

Funlab ACNH Leather Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch review: What I Like

Funlab Acnh Leather Carrying Case Switch Island Theme Acnh SwitchSource: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore

I've been using the Funlab Island themed Leather Carrying Case since I got it, and it's my favorite new case to use. I like how soft the leather is, and the magnetic clasp is simple, convenient, and secure. My Switch feels safe while it's in the case, and I can toss it into my backpack or bag when I go out. I also find the case to be pretty manageable when carried solo as well, and the design is sure to turn heads too.

Even though I'm a fan of real leather, I think the PU leather is strong and durable. I also appreciate having a built-in game card holder for the physical games I have.

It's missing some things I expect from Switch cases

Funlab ACNH Leather Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch review: What I Don't Like

Funlab Acnh Leather Carrying Case Switch Island Theme Game Card HolderSource: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore

One thing that I noticed is that the interior isn't lined with a plush material like most of the other cases I've used. The inside is just more of the PU leather, which is soft, but I would have preferred a plush microfiber material instead. The plush interiors of other cases can help get rid of smudges and other unwanted debris on the Switch as you put it in and take it out, so I'm a little surprised that this is not on the Funlab cases.

I also noticed that the magnetic closure needs to be manually aligned for it to actually "close" while the switch is inside. That's how it usually is with magnetic closures for me, so don't expect it to be completely secure just because it looks like the magnetic clasps are lined up — you want to make sure the button is properly in the opposite hole.

The game card holder starts off way too tight, in my opinion. In fact, when I put my game cards in all the way, it was a struggle to get them out. I have left them with a little bit of the top sticking out so that I can remove them easily. I expect it to loosen up more over time, but just a heads up.

A great case for Animal Crossing Switches

Funlab ACNH Leather Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch review: Should you buy it?

4.5 out of 5

If you have an Animal Crossing themed Switch, or just love Animal Crossing, then yes, you should pick up these Funlab Leather Cases for your Nintendo Switch. The colors of the Island version match perfectly with the ACNH Nintendo Switch, which I love. The case itself is also pretty tough and durable thanks to the PU leather, and the magnetic clasp is convenient and secure. Plus, you can store up to five game cards in the case to make sure that they're always with you. The size is not the slimmest, but it's easy to take with you anywhere, or you can just toss it into your bag.

Funlab Acnh Leather Carrying Case Switch OpenSource: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore

And if you want even more Animal Crossing themed items, check out the best Animal Crossing accessories for your Nintendo Switch.

A touch of paradise

Funlab Island Theme Acnh Nintendo Switch Case

Funlab ACNH Leather Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

Convenient protection

These leather cases are tough and durable, and keep your Switch secure with the magnetic clasp. The Animal Crossing designs are cute and match the ACNH Switch perfectly.

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