Best Funny T-shirts for Techies iMore 2020

You've heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, well with an amusing tee you can wear your passion across your chest. Techies have various interests inside and outside of technology that offer great slogans. To tell everyone about the things you like the most in this world, consider one or more of these funny t-shirts that touch upon various themes, including films, gaming, memes, and more.

Okay, smartie pants: Computer Whisperer T-Shirt

Staff Pick

If you're in a job where you're expected to know everything about computers and what ills them, this is the tee for you. Available in multiple colors and sizes, this shirt is perfect for computer programmers, technicians, repair techs, and more.

$17 at Amazon

You never know: There Is No Cloud T-Shirt

Not everyone knows this, but all those smiley faces and amusing emojis you're sending out each day aren't going up and into the mysterious "cloud." Instead, they're going to some computer farm in the middle of nowhere...

$20 at Amazon

I've got this feeling: Meh T-Shirt

There are a lot of "meh" T-shirts on Amazon and elsewhere on the web. For those times when you're really just not feeling it, this t-shirt will warn all of those around you to be extra careful today.

From $8 at Amazon

Memory lane: Never Forget T-Shirt

Techies are always the first to adopt new technology. They are also the first ones to ditch the old stuff, even long-beloved products like some of those highlighted on this t-shirt.

From $6 at Amazon

Slasher time: I'm Fine T-Shirt

It's an unofficial fact that most techies also like zombie movies and TV shows such as The Walking Dead (at least a lot of them do). Yes, you'll want this one to wear, even when you aren't that fine.

From $13 at Amazon

Death Star alert: Floppy Disk T-Shirt

Do you know what most techies also like? Star Wars, of course. And so begins this part of our collection of t-shirts which promotes that fictional galaxy far, far away.

$19 at Amazon

A funnier side: Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Side T-Shirt

Because even Darth Vader deserves a second chance to try and be a better boss, there's this funny graphic t-shirt that comes in black and charcoal heather.

From $20 at Amazon

Isn't it cute?: Chewbacca Wookie Of The Year T-Shirt

For something a little bit different, consider this Chewbacca themed t-shirt that's available in multiple colors. Just look at him loving those sweet porgs.

From $20 at Amazon

One of those days: Blue Screen of Death T-Shirt

Is the Blue Screen of Death still a thing, Windows users? Perhaps this t-shirt is ideally suited for Mac users who never have to put up with something like this on their machines.

$17 at Amazon

Make your choice: Choose Your Controller Console Gamer T-Shirt

Us techies all have our favorite gaming consoles as this t-shirt suggests. This shirt comes in 15 different colors, so you can choose your favorite hue as well as your fave platform.

From $9 at Amazon

For the gamer: I Paused My Game To Be Here T-Shirt

This t-shirt tells your loved ones how much you appreciate them, especially as you're taking precious time away from your newest console game to be with them in the moment.

$15 at Amazon

Down to a tee

Any of these t-shirts make for a perfect sartorial choice for anyone who wants to show off their inner geek. Our overall staff pick, the Computer Whisperer T-Shirt, lets everyone know you're a tech expert.

Retro tech is always a fun topic to consider. Prompt some reminiscence with the Never Forget T-Shirt. It's an amusing nod to the technology of yesterday. Finally, the I Paused My Game To Be Here T-Shirt, is a cheeky choice to let all and sundry know that although you're in their presence, you'd really much rather be cozy at home gaming.

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