Techies have various interests inside and outside of technology. To tell everyone about the things you like the most in this world, consider one or more of these funny T-shirts that touch upon various themes including films, gaming, and more.

Okay, smartie pants: Computer Whisperer T-Shirt

If you're in a job where you're expected to know everything about computers and what ills them, this is the T-shirt for you. Available in multiple colors and sizes, this shirt is perfect for computer programmers, technicians, repair techs, and more.

$17 at Amazon

You never know: There is no cloud T-Shirt

All those smiley faces you're sending out each day aren't going up and into the clouds. Instead, they're going to some computer farm in the middle of nowhere.

$20 at Amazon

I've got this feeling: Meh T-shirt

There are a lot of "meh" T-shirts on Amazon and elsewhere on the web. For those times when you're just not feeling it, this T-shirt will tell those around you to be extra careful today.

$19 at Amazon

Press this: Pressing ESC T-Shirt

Yes, the beloved ESC key, now on a T-shirt. Whether it's a Monday and you rather not be at work or the day right before your long, well-deserved vacation, this shirt has you covered.

$19 at Amazon

Memory lane: Never Forget T-Shirt

Techies are always the first to adopt new technology. They are also the first ones to ditch the old stuff, even long-beloved products like some of those highlighted on this T-shirt.

$7+ at Amazon

Slasher time: I'm Fine T-Shirt

It's an unofficial fact that most techies also like zombie movies and TV shows such as The Walking Dead (at least a lot of them do). Yes, you'll want this one to wear, even when you aren't that fine.

$13 at Amazon

Death Star alert: Floppy Disk T-Shirt

Do you know what most techies also like? Star Wars, of course. And so begins this part of our collection of t-shirts which promotes that fictional galaxy far, far away.

$19 at Amazon

A funnier side: Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Side T-Shirt

Because even Darth Vader deserves a second chance, there's this funny graphic T-shirt that comes in black and gray.

$16+ at Amazon

Isn't it cute?: Chewbacca Wookie Of The Year T-Shirt

For something a little bit different, consider this Chewbacca themed t-shirt that's available in multiple colors. Just look at him loving those porgs!

$15+ Amazon

One of those days: Blue Screen of Death T-Shirt

Is the Blue Screen of Death still a thing, Windows users? Perhaps this T-shirt is ideally suited for Mac users who never have to put up with something like this on their machines.

$17 at Amazon

Make your choice: Choose Your Controller Console Gamer T-Shirt

Us techies have our favorite gaming consoles as this T-shirt suggests. This shirt comes in 15 different colors.

$9+ at Amazon

For the gamer: I Paused My Game to Be Here T-Shirt

This T-shirt tells your loved ones how much you appreciate them, but that you're taking time away precious time from your newest console game nonetheless.

$14 at Amazon

T-shirts can tell the world a lot about us. Whether it's a simple message explaining what we're feeling today or one representing something a little bit more fun, these T-shirts will do the trick. Which ones are your favorite?

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