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Black Friday is basically here as many of this year's best sales have already gotten off to a roaring start. If you're one of the many gamers keeping a shrewd eye out for console accessories and other gaming gear then you're in luck! 8Bitdo, which makes some of the most acclaimed third-party controllers on the market, has several gamepads on sale right now. 

One of the things we love about these controllers is that they can work with multiple devices. You'll need to check each listing for compatibility, but many work with Nintendo Switch, macOS games, Steam, Android, PC, and more. Some are even specifically designed for the latest Xbox consoles. We'll keep an eye out and will update this list if we discover any more 8Bitdo Black Friday deals.

8Bitdo Pro 2 Wireless Controller - Black Edition |

8Bitdo Pro 2 Wireless Controller - Black Edition | (Was $50) Now $40 at Amazon

8Bitdo takes the classic SNES controller layout and adds grips for a far more comfortable experience. There are additional buttons on the back as well as triggers on the top to play both modern and retro games. The battery lasts up to 20 hours on one charge so you can into adventures without having to worry about it dying on you. 

8Bitdo Pro 2 Wireless Controller - G Classic Edition | (Was $50) Now $40 at Amazon

8Bitdo Pro 2 Wireless Controller - G Classic Edition | (Was $50) Now $40 at Amazon

With a 20-hour battery life, the Pro 2 Controller will last a long time while allowing you to play games on Nintendo Switch, macOS, Steam, Android, and PC. That classic SNES color scheme really makes it stand out. Plus, those comfortable grips make it easier to hold than retro controllers. 

8Bitdo Pro 2 Wireless Controller (Gray Edition) | (Was $50) Now $40 at Amazon

8Bitdo Pro 2 Wireless Controller (Gray Edition) | (Was $50) Now $40 at Amazon

This controller is perfect for long-time gamers or anyone who wants a comfortable playing experience. You can use the 8Bitdo Ultimate Software app on iPhone or Android to map buttons or otherwise customize the controller. It looks especially nice in this Gray Edition.

8Bitdo has some of the most popular and critically acclaimed game controllers on the market. Many of its wireless offerings are designed to work with several different devices including Nintendo Switch, Mac, PC, and Android. So you can use it for multiple platforms rather than just sticking to one. The company has also perfected that retro controller look while still making its products comfortable for modern gaming. There are often extra buttons on the back, triggers on top, and two joysticks for better camera control. It all works together to make this the perfect controller whether you're playing retro games or modern ones. 

Another reason gamers love 8Bitdo so much is that they are easy to customize using the 8Bitdo Ultimate Software App that is available on both iPhone and Android phones. Tweak the controller's settings or remap buttons entirely with just a few taps. Get it working just the way you like for a classy, comfortable experience. 

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