Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: All 68 wild Tera Pokémon locations

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet really mix battle strategy up quite a bit by introducing the Tera Phenomenon to the series. This ability makes it so that some creatures can change their typing when Terastallizing.  While you can run around catching these creatures in Tera Raid battles, there are also Wild Tera Pokémon in fixed locations all over the Paldea map. 

There are 68 Wild Tera Pokémon total and this is where you'll find them along with the Tera type and level they will have. 

All wild Tera Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet

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There are a grand total of 68 wild Tera Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet. This chart is listed in alphabetical order by Pokémon name.

NOTE: Some of these Pokémon are in caves or are in places that you'll have to climb to. So, you might need to unlock more Travel Abilities for Koraidon or Miraidon before you can get to them all. 

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PokémonTera TypeLocation
1. Altaria (Lv 50)FairyWest Province (Area Three)
2. Avalugg (Lv 45)RockDalizapa Passage
3. Axew (Lv 36)GroundWest Province (Area One)
4. Azumarill (Lv 55)FairyCasseroya Lake
5. Bellibolt (Lv 55)WaterCasseroya Lake
6. Breloom (Lv 30)RockWest Province (Area Three)
7. Buizel (Lv 21)IceWest Province (Area One)
8. Corviknight (Lv 55)FightingNorth Province (Area Two)
9. Cyclizar (Lv 45)FlyingAsado Desert
10. Diglett (Lv 17)RockSouth Province (Area Two)
11. Dragonair (Lv 54)ElectricWest Province (Area One)
12. Dragonite (Lv 75)SteelNorth Province (Area Two)
13. Drednaw (Lv 55)IceCasseroya Lake
14. Dunsparce (Lv 16)PoisonSouth Province (Area Three)
15. Eelektross (Lv 65)DragonEast Paldean Sea
16. Espathra (Lv 45)SteelDalizapa Passage
17. Espeon (Lv 50)PsychicEast Province (Area Three)
18. Falinks (Lv 30)SteelEast Province (Area Three)
19. Flamigo (Lv 40)BugSouth Province (Area Five)
20. Flareon (Lv 50)FireSouth Province (Area Five) — Must Climb to it
21. Fletchling (Lv 15)FireSouth Province (Area Two)
22. Floette (Lv 22)GrassEast Province (Area One)
23. Frigibax (Lv 40)DarkGlaseado Mountain
24. Froslass (Lv 45)GhostDalizapa Passage
25. Garchomp (Lv 65)WaterWest Province (Area Two)
26. Glaceon (Lv 50)IceNorth Province (Area One)
27. Golduck (Lv 33)PsychicSouth Province (Area Four) — Must Climb to it
28. Grafaiai (Lv 48)BugTagtree Thicket
29. Growlithe (Lv 24)GroundEast Province (Area Two)
30. Gyarados (Lv 55)DragonCasseroya Lake
31. Hawlucha (Lv 41)BugSouth Province (Area Six) — In Alfornada Cavern
32. Houndoom (Lv 42)GhostSouth Province (Area Six) — In Alfornada Cavern
33. Houndstone (Lv 40)GroundSouth Province (Area Five)
34. Jigglypuff (Lv 14)WaterSouth Province (Area Three)
35. Jolteon (Lv 50)ElectricWest Province (Area One)
36. Kirlia (Lv 28)FireEast Province (Area Three)
37. Leafeon (Lv 50)GrassSouth Province (Area Four) — Must Climb to it
38. Lokix (Lv 25)FightingWest Province (Area One)
39. Lucario (Lv 75)IceNorth of Dalizapa Passage in a cave
40. Meowth (Lv 15)FlyingSouth Province (Area Two)
41. Mimikyu (Lv 65)FairyNorth Province (Area Two)
42. Naclstack (Lv 33)GhostWest Province (Area Two)
43. Pawmo (Lv 55)SteelNorth Province (Area Three) — In a cave
44. Pinurchin (Lv 55)ElectricGlaseado Mountain
45. Primeape (Lv 50)PoisonGlaseado Mountain
46. Pyroar (Lv 36)DarkEast Province (Area Three)
47. Raichu (Lv 60)FightingWest Paldean Sea
48. Revavroom (Lv 55)FireGlaseado Mountain
49. Rockruff (Lv 25)PsychicWest Province (Area Three)
50. Salandit (Lv 27)DragonEast Province (Area One) — Must Climb to it
51. Sandygast (Lv 30)GrassAsado Desert
52. Scyther (Lv 22)NormalSouth Province (Area Four)
53. Shinx (Lv 14)IceSouth Province (Area Five)
54. Slaking (Lv 55)GhostNorth Province (Area Two)
55. Sliggoo (Lv 30)PoisonSouth Province (Area Four)
56. Slowbro (Lv 55)GrassCasseroya Lake
57. Sneasel (Lv 41)FightingDalizapa Passage
58. Sylveon (Lv 50)FairyNorth Province (Area Three)
59. Tauros (Lv 32)ElectricEast Province (Area Two)
60. Tinkatuff (Lv 36)DarkWest Province (Area One)
61. Torkoal (Lv 26)NormalWest Province (Area One)
62. Toxapex (Lv 37) NormalEast Province (Area One)
63. Tsareena (Lv 65)PsychicCasseroya Lake
64. Umbreon (Lv 50)DarkSouth Province (Area Six) — In Alfornada Cavern
65. Ursaring (Lv 44)FlyingDalizapa Passage
66. Vaporeon (Lv 50)WaterCasseroya Lake
67. Veluza (Lv 49)NormalGlaseado Mountain
68. Wugtrio (Lv 60)GroundNorth Province (Area One) — Must throw ball from far away to start battle

Why you want Tera Pokémon

Tera types have never existed in previous Pokémon games, but their existence can help players strategize even more in battle. That's because many of the Wild Tera Pokémon on this list have a different typing than they usually do, which means that when Terastallizing they don't have the same weaknesses as before. This can throw your opponents off or make a Pokémon strong against a Pokémon they are usually weak to. If you strategize correctly, you can use these Wild Tera Pokémon to really gain an advantage in battle. 

Now, not all of these Wild Tera Pokémon have a different Tera Type than normal. For instance, all of the Eevee evolutions (or Eeveelutions) are strictly the same Tera type as usual. To get special versions of those Pokémon with different Tera types than you'd expect, you'll want to participate in Tera Raid Battles

How to spot Wild Tera Pokémon

Wild Tera Lucario Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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These creatures glow from a distance are at a fixed point until you get close enough and then they start moving around a bit. It should be noted that while they sparkle these are not what are considered Shiny Pokémon.

 If you're looking for a specific wild Tera Pokémon, go to the spot where they are located on the map above and you'll find them soon enough. Since they are very bright, they can be a lot easier to spot when it's nighttime in the game. 

How to battle Wild Tera Pokémon

Tera Lucario Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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These creatures cannot be killed with a one-hit KO because they always have some health left after you break their Tera typing. So attack them with the strongest move you have and then when their Tera crowns have been knocked off, work on throwing the best Poké Balls you have at them until they are caught. 

Wild Tera Pokémon are our friends

Some of these creatures will be really high level when you get to them, so make sure you bring plenty of Poké Balls and a strong team of Pokémon to take them on. Remember that you cannot one-hit KO them, so feel free to hit them with the strongest move you have. This will knock their crown off (so to speak) and then you'll be able to catch them right after they are no longer Terastallized. 

Having creatures with different typing than usual can give you an edge in battle and make an opponent come to a fight unprepared. So it's fun to collect as many Pokémon with a Tera type that isn't usual to their own typing when you can. Good luck catching all of the ones you're after. 

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