GarageBand going free-as-in-freemium, iWork, iLife iOS 7-style app icons revealed on

Apple has updated their Built-in-Apps page on (opens in new tab) to show off the new icons, and new descriptions for their iLife - iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand - and iWork - Numbers, Pages, Keynote - suites of creativity and productivity apps ahead of the October 22 iPad and Mac event. It includes this line, suggesting GarageBand might join its 5 companions in going free, although in this case free-as-in-freemium:

GarageBand is free on the App Store for all iOS 7 compatible devices; additional GarageBand instruments and sounds are available with an in-app purchase.

Looks like some new features and new templates are also coming along for the ride. It's not clear exactly what it all means, but here's the copy:

iPhoto for iOS:

And create beautiful photo books, prints, slideshows, and web journals to share with family and friends.

iMovie for iOS:

And with the new iMovie Theater, screen them all on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac — even on your HDTV via Apple TV. It's like having your own personal theater, everywhere you go.


Start with one of 30 Apple-designed themes.


Numbers comes with over 30 Apple‑designed templates to work with.

The icons are, as you'd expect, gradients with solid white glyphs, completely unlike their previous, richly rendered versions and now matching Apple's current slate of iOS 7 apps. The screenshots, however, look the same as before so either those haven't been updated on the web yet, or Apple's engineers and designers simply haven't had time to work on them, given how busy they've been with the core OS.

New icons aren't shown for iBooks, iTunes U, Podcasts, Trailers, Remote, or other Apple App Store Apps, though presumably those, especially iBooks, are in the works. There's also no indication of new OS X versions of the iWork or iLife apps for the Mac and Mavericks yet, but given they were last updated in 2009, they're long past due as well.

Whether or not the new icons and new descriptions were meant to be pushed into production today, or whether it was simply a glitch in advance of Tuesday's update is uncertain. The pages linked to from the new descriptions come back as not found, so the latter might be more likely than the former.

Via: MacRumors

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  • Still wish they'd drop the price on those iWork apps for the rest of us...
  • Yeah. I bought this app last week now it's free! Sigh! Sent from the iMore App
  • If it is a device purchased after 9/1, there is a chance.
  • They will, when you next upgrade your device.
  • I bought all the iWork and iLife apps when they launched. They've more than proven their value over time. I'm not sure how to feel about them going free. On one hand it increases the value of iOS. On the other, it continues to devalue iOS software. One day soon, we'll stop getting high value apps on iOS because no one will be able to afford to make them. Or we'll get apps subsidized by big companies that serve their needs and not ours. Both will suck. Big time. And there doesn't seem to be a way out of that future. Like Sarah Connor, looking down the road to the barren future.
  • How does that change? Companies like Google and Amazon love giving things away for free. And now that Microsoft is getting into hardware I can see them trending in this direction.
  • I also purchased all of the iLife and iWork apps and use GarageBand often on my rather old 64GB iPad 2. If I end up getting a pushed update with fewer features and being forced to buy them once again, I for one will be rather displeased. If the app is in your purchase history for pre iOS 7 users, will Apple give us all the finger or will the app we paid for remain without the nagging nature of freemium apps. For Apple, I would dare to say this is one road they should not follow as they are iOS only and some of the best reasons/examples of high quality apps on the iOS platform. Otherwise it's off to Docs To Go but the iLife apps on iOS really don't have a quality look and feel compared to anything else out on the market. A iPhone jam session is one of the most fun downtime activities in my office while the Android device owners use various sound board apps from Google Play. I for one really hope the unknown future doesn't sound as bleak as it sounds turning into a Gameloft premium priced app and a couple months later you find the $6.99 you spent completely wasted as the app goes free and nearly impossible to complete due to the switch to the freemium model which really leaves those who spent the extra cash for a greed free experience. Only to find themselves disenfranchised. The app in question? Asphalt 7 which was awesome during its launch but slowly finding race payouts getting rather thin and some races impossible to win without sinking more real money into it. BC
  • I hope the update won't remove the features I already paid for.
  • That's exactly what happened. to me. I went from 1.4.1 able to use everything, play the music I created, to 2.0 where I lost most of the options and could no longer play my own stuff. They want me to pay again for the features I already had. I can't do the in app purchase because I do not have internet connection on my iPad 2. I use the white cord for all transfers. Luckily I still had 1.4.1 in my trash and was able to force the install. I will not be upgrading Garageband. This is a major Apple fail.
  • It's just too bad you can't keep both versions, like you can on the Mac. Before updating the new version of G.B. (just to play around with the new "drummer people" feature), I put the old version in a folder labeled "GarageBand old" so I could go back and forth between the two versions.
  • Can't wait to see the iOS 7-inspired interfaces. In the meantime I've put together a comparison between these new icons and the old designs:
  • A co-worker wil buying the new iPad as soon at is available. It will be her first computer of any kind. She hears me raving about iWork (and griping about Office) all the time.
  • I hope iBooks doesn't get the fuglyfication treatment. I would hate to try to read hair-thin writing on a stark and blindingly white background. I hope iBooks is the one place they leave the font alone. Overall I am loving the usability changes that came with iOS 7. I just can't stand the graphics.
  • okay, well as you can already read ebooks with small text on a stark white background... I don't imagine that's the place you'll need to worry over. the redesign will likely continue to allow multiple fonts and themes (night, sepia, and white) for reading, but the shelf will likely look more like newsstand, and the store will match the iTunes and app stores in iOS 7. of all apps to go through a change, I think this one should be the least of your worries...