Best answer: Maybe? According to several members on the Garmin forum{.nofollow}, the Garmin Vivosmart HR might be a bit too "big and clunky" for smaller wrists, but it's all subjective. The device is 21mm wide, 12.3mm thick, and comes in two sizes: regular with a circumference of 137-188 mm and an extra large with a circumference of 180-221 mm. If the Vivosmart HR is too big for your wrist, you should consider the Vivosmart 4.

Check the fit before you pick!

The best way to check the fit of the Vivosmart HR on your wrist would be to try it on during your next visit to your local tech store. If that isn't an option, you can figure out the best fit for your wrist by using Garmin's sizing guide.

In order to use the size guide, you have to print it out at 100%, cut along the dotted line to create a makeshift Vivosmart HR band, and then wrap the paper band around your wrist. You should keep adjusting the paper band until you've achieved a snug but comfortable fit. After you've found your ideal fit, take note of the size the white arrow is pointing to, and that's your band size.

What if it is too big?

If after you've tried the size guide, you realize that even the smallest size option still feels too big on your wrist then you might want to consider the company's Vivosmart 4. The Vivosmart 4 and the Vivosmart HR both offer similar fitness-focused features, including the Garmin Elevate heart rate monitor, smart notifications, step counter, sleep monitor, and multi-day battery life. However, the Vivosmart 4 has a much sleeker design. The small/medium size comes in at 15mm by 10.5mm by 197 mm and is intended for smaller wrists.

The OG

Vivosmart HR

Gotta track it all

The Garmin Vivosmart HR is an excellent fitness tracker. Its always-on display will show your steps, calories, heart rate, floors climbed, and activity intensity. It'll also show notifications from your smartphone, but it might be too big for those with smaller wrists.

Alternate pick

Vivosmart 4

Slim and smart

The Vivosmart 4 is the newer and sleeker big sister of the Vivosmart HR and offers many of the same fitness and smart features. It also comes with a slim design that'll complement most wrist sizes.

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