Next Gen iPhone: Screen Leaks Re-Confirm Video Recording, Voice Control, More!

When it rains, it pours, and when it's pouring, and leaking, that makes a flood. No sooner did some video-recording iPhone 3.0 screen shot confirmation get posted, than BGR whipped out a slew of their own.

Double confirmed now? And will it require that next gen iPhone hardware?

Rene Ritchie

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  • Anyone else notice a trend? It seems Apple is taking the best of Cydia and adding them to the iPhone. I believe they are doing this so people will stop jailbreaking their phones.
  • this is the one thing I really want
  • maybe ill have to upgrade? depends how well video works
  • crosses fingers for ichat
  • Maybe they'll make a tr'iPod for taking steady videos. :)
  • @Terry: I have noticed a lot of these features seem to be pulled from the jailbreaking community - which isn't a bad thing.
    On a side note, it's looking more and more like an upgrade for me in August (when I'm eligible and IF there is new iPhone hardware).
  • Take videos? And you believed this is an original leak.
  • It's impossible to know whether or not Apple is reacting to jailbreaking. It's also very possible that after scurrying to revolutionize the mobile phone and rush it out half-baked to stake their claim on the market, that they are simply now finding the time to perfect it and focus on adding everything that it's been lacking. And it only makes sense that those lacking features were those that jailbreakers developed since they were missing.
  • i have a feeling that video recording won't require the new hardware, but that it will be of much, much higher quality using the new hardware.
    it could be sort of like the first generation iPhone and location services. you could use location services on the first generation iphone, just not to the same resolution as the GPS enabled 3G.
    the incentive to keep the 3G as up to speed as possible given the hardware is the same as keeping the 1G up to speed as much as possible given the hardware. there's a huge install base currently under contract and they'r not all going to switch right away. in the meantime you want to keep the app store market for video based apps as large as possible, because you get a cut of that market and it keeps people tied to the platform.
    so my guess is 3G = low resolution video capabilities, next gen = high resolution video capabilities, possibly even HD video.
  • jumps on the couch!
  • Terry and Viper, your logic is backwards. The jailbreak community only filled in what they saw as holes in the iPhone OS's feature set. Apple was always planning on adding those same features to get more people to buy their phone, they just hadn't gotten around to it yet. It's not like Apple had never heard of MMS until SwirlyMMS came out.
  • did anyone notice the battery percentage indicator?!
  • I could be backwards, but in light of them trying to stop the jailbreaking community it seems to me maybe they wanted it to happen so they could see what everyone wanted then go forward and add it to the device.
    As said earlier there is no way to know which is which.
    I am leaning towards that they had planned for these updates, but just didn't have time for it.
  • Yes, we WANT them to put the best into the OS. We don't want to HAVE to jailbreak to do what we need. The reality, however, is that it's not just a question of their apps but also the SDK, which is still not open enough for some applications to be implemented in the "proper" fashion. And who's to say that Apple's implementation of jailbroken features will be what we want/need anyway? Apple really needs to consider opening the platform... honestly.
    And let's not forget... Apple was firmly convinced no one would ever want to install anything more on the phone at all. I firmly believe it was customer community "feedback" (including the jailbreakers) who finally convinced them that native third party apps were the way to go... and now the resulting AppStore is all the rage in the market. Apple should listen to it's customers /again/.
  • I'm really exited for this I can't wait unroll WWDC this summer! Thi big thing for me here is not video capturing but video editing and i hope we see this in 3.0.I also noticed the percentage in the upper right corner and that would be a huge help with charging.
  • Sorry, untill ( curse auto-correction lol).
  • I agree with Steve on this one.
    They’re finally giving us what we want……better late than never =)
    I really hope something comparable to quicksms is added, I recently found out about this app thanks to tipb commenters <3 it’s perfect for us serial texters
  • @dragonfly
    Good to see someone is paying attention to detail :)
  • Imvery happy that put the percentage indicator there like they have on the macbooks.
    I only use the camera once in a while because in certain conditions, it doesn't work well. So hopefully the quality of the video and camera improve in 3.0.
    There's gonna be A LOT more videos on YouTube :)
    Speaking of YouTube , they need to have the option to upload a video to YouTube right from your phone. That would be cool. I already seen a feature like that for MobileMe so maybe the YouTube app will have something similar.
  • If that is a real shot does this mean that somewhere within the iPhone 3.0 update or new phone you will be able to chose to display the percent (%) of how much battery life you have. Right now I'm not sure you can do this, if so please tell me.....
  • I hope Optus in Australia have a suitable upgrade puan for those in mid-contract (24 months) with iPhone 3Gs. I really want the better camera with video!
  • The battery % can be achieved with sbsetting if you have jailborken your phone at least its under "more"
  • @Bill do you really believe that Apple hadn't built the app store and that they had no plans for 3rd party apps until people started jailbreaking?
  • Does anybody know what that clock icon to the left of the battery percentage is?
  • Never mind. Sorry, just havn't used the alarm clock on my iphone.
  • I currently have the 3.0 on my phone as a beta, and I notice there is no battery percent indicator present.
  • battery percentage is in 3.0 but isnt enabled yet without getting into the system files...theres ways to get it...just look it up