Genius Recommendations return to iTunes

Back in September, when iTunes 10 launched, Apple introduced their new Ping social network. This was followed by iTunes 10.0.1 which added the Ping drop down options but also replaced the Genius sidebar with a new Ping sidebar.

Earlier this week, Apple made some server-side changes (which means we don’t have to update iTunes), and now Genius Recommendations have returned to the iTunes sidebar.

If you haven't selected a song, your sidebar will show you Genius recommendations for all your iTunes-purchased music, however once you select a song, a new sidebar comes up which combines both Genius and Ping. (Genius recommendations will appear at the bottom of the sidebar, and if you’re a Ping user, your Ping activity will be displayed at the top.)

Tell us, are you happy your Genius recommendations are back? Do you like the new combined sidebar? Do you still use Ping?

Tell us, do you still use Ping? Do you think Apple bringing ‘Genius recommendations’ back was a good idea?


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