Georgia's gift picks: 2012 holiday guide

This season everyone here at iMore has been asked to share some of their favorite gift ideas. Now, much as I love all my Apple products, and I'll certainly be picking some below, I also less than three a lot of other nerdy, geeky, stuff, so I have a range of picks for you, as always. Whether they're for friends and family, that special someone, or a gift for yourself, I hope you enjoy!

Fieldrunners 2

My absolute favorite game of the year, Field Runners 2 cost me hours and hours of time I didn't really have, but it's just so much fun it was a price I gladly paid. It's tower defense done right, for the second time. Give it to the gamer in your life.

iPhone 5

The iPhone is my world. Everything I do, from work to family to fun is done through my iPhone. While I enjoy the iPad for what it is, the one gadget I couldn't live without is the iPhone. If your special someone doesn't have an iPhone yet, it's probably the best commercial gift you could give them.

Olloclip 3-in-one lens system

I love macro photography. Leaves. Bugs. Bits of machinery. Anything and everything unexpected. While the iPhone can get you close, the Olloclip can get you very close. It can also go fisheye, and if you record video, wide angle as well. It's built beautifully and works even better.


Unlike notebooks, the iPad is a laptop that doesn't quite sit comfortably in your lap. And the iPad 3 and iPad 4, especially, are heavy enough that it would be nice if there was a way to prop them up without having to hold them up. Well, that's exactly what the PadPivot does. The stand can work on a desk, but it can also hug your thigh and keep your iPad perfectly positioned. If your special someone loves their iPad, and loves using it on the couch, they'll love the PadPivot.

  • $39.99 - Buy now

Jellyfish Art

Jellyfish Art is real, and it's spectacular. You get a tank. You add jellyfish. You control the LED lights via remote. And then you sit back and marvel in it all. You can start small, with a desktop tank and a single fish, and you can grow from there. It's nerdy. It's techy. It's biological. And it's different.

SuperTooth DISCO Bluetooth Speaker

The SuperTooth DISCO isn't a Bluetooth speaker I can sneak into my jacket pocket, but it's absolutely what I want when I'm driving around in my jeep, or at home and just want massive music from my tiny iPhone or iPad. The SuperTooth DISCO is both big and beautiful. There's even a SuperTooth DISCO 2 if you'd rather gift something smaller and more vertical.

  • $149 - SuperTooth DISCO - Buy now

  • $99.99 - SuperTooth DISCO 2 - Buy now

Your gift picks?

So that's what I'm recommending this year, but fair is fair -- now you have to tell me your gift picks! Hey, I want present ideas too! What apps, accessories, media, food, and fun stuff comprise your favorite gifts this year?

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