Using clean energy to power every home in America seemed like a distant promise not too long ago, but with wind and solar farms on the rise, a sustainable future isn’t as far-fetched as we think. In fact, if you sign up for Arcadia Power, you can power your home with clean energy today without having to buy expensive solar panels or switching utility companies. Did we mention you might even save money on your power bill by doing so?

Arcadia Power is a platform that makes it easy for homeowners and renters to choose renewable energy. Just enter your ZIP code and connect your utility bill, and Arcadia Power will hunt down clean energy farms in your area. You can choose between wind or community solar sources, or you can use Arcadia Power’s Smart Rate to find the lowest price available. If clean energy is cheaper in your area than traditional sources, you might even save money on your monthly power bill. 

A sustainable future is much closer than you think. By signing up with Arcadia Power today, you can save money while supporting clean energy. Learn more here, and get a $20 Amazon gift card or four standard LED bulbs just by signing up.