While email is one of the most used and handy methods of communication for business and personal use, it's also one of the most annoying! Unread messages never seem to stop, and that little red notification number grows and grows until you want to tear your hair out. Plus, even if you stay on top of your incoming emails, loads of mail get so confusing! What's junk mail? Where's that important email from your boss? the chaos can seem never ending!

Stop letting your inbox stress you out!

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Don't let your inbox stress you out - clean up your inbox with SaneBox! This cloud-based tool automatically filters your email with algorithms that pay attention to your past behavior, meaning it learns your behavior and knows what's important to you. That means you won't miss out on any of the important emails from senders that you always answer, and all that spam, junk, and other emails will get filtered out!

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  • The one-year snack plan costs only $39 (52% off).
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  • The two-year dinner for one plan costs $119 ($72 off)

These deals will only last a limited time, so don't miss out on getting SaneBox. Just look and these great features:

  • Works anywhere you read your email, including Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, iPhone, Android, and even Blackberry
  • See SaneBox folders automatically appear everywhere you do email with nothing to install
  • Stop wasting time sifting through email
  • Never miss important messages
  • Train SaneBox on what's important with drag and drop
  • Get reminded when people don't reply to you

Manage your inbox better than ever before!

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