If you hadn't noticed from the spooky decorations and store shelves filling with candy, Halloween is quickly approaching. October is best spent carving pumpkins, scaring your friends and enjoying spooky films, and while you'll have to take care of the first two there on your own, iTunes' sale on Haunted House films can make sure your digital library is full of stellar scary movies for just $5 each! Hope you're okay to sleep with the lights on for the rest of the month.


Haunted Houses film sale at iTunes

Fill your digital movie collection with thrilling films about spooky haunted houses for $5 each, from The Others and Paranormal Activity to The Conjuring. We just wouldn't recommend watching while you're at home alone... who does that?!

$5 Each

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

There are several must-own horror films in today's sale, and at $5, they're each inexpensive enough to take a chance on whether you've seen them before or not. Several are even available in 4K UHD, while others are digital HD quality. With films like The Cabin in the Woods, Insidious, and The Blair Witch Project on sale, you could be set on movie night planning through the end of the month. Movie nights at home easily beat going to the theater and paying the exorbitant prices there for all the enticing goodies. Just make sure you're stocked up on candy and popcorn before you press play.

Other picks on sale today include:

Even more fear-inducing films can be found on sale at iTunes today, so be sure to check out the full sale while these prices are still low!

You don't have to stop there in filling your digital library. Vudu's having a horror film sale this weekend too, with some killer deals on movies like Child's Play, Jeepers Creepers, and The Return of the Living Dead. Prices are down to just $5 there as well. Another weekend-only deal over at Vudu brings the complete Harry Potter 8-film Collection down to $49.99 in 4K UHD for the next few days.

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