For many of us, English was our first or second language, but why does learning more languages feel so hard when learning our mother tongue was easy as kids? It’s simple. As kids, we learn new things through play, such as associating words with images or hearing our language as we’re playing in the background, which is largely absent from classrooms and speech recognition apps. Instead, uTalk teaches us new languages the same way we did as kids, and you can learn over 140 new languages for just $99.99.

uTalk Language Education recaptures our childlike wonder as we learn a new language. For example, as kids, we constantly immersed in the sounds and rhythms of our native language. By putting uTalk’s Phrase Practice on autoplay, you can let native speakers speak in the background as you go about your day, which research has shown to help us hear and differentiate between sounds. uTalk also focuses on helping you learn practical vocabulary so that you and native speakers will understand the gist of what you’re saying, which is invaluable when you’re traveling abroad or meeting clients from foreign countries. Finally, you can access your uTalk account from any device, allowing you to learn a new language anywhere you go.

We didn’t learn our native language in a structured classroom or with an impersonal language app. We learned through immersion, and uTalk will teach you the same way. uTalk offers over 140 new languages for $99.99, but you can also learn 2 languages for just $19.99 or 6 languages for just $29.99.