Camera gear is already pretty costly and keeping it safe while moving it from location to location is vital. The Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag is a great way to do that while looking pretty sweet at the same time. This deal is available on both the Ash and Charcoal colorways as well – who doesn't love choice?

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 15-inch

Designed for those who carry photo gear everywhere, the Peak Design Everyday Messenger is a gorgeous bag that won't scream "tech nerd" to every passer-by.

Not much of a photographer? No problem – this messenger bag will also take a 15-inch notebook computer or just about anything else for that matter. It's all about the pockets here as well, with front access and interior pockets making this the Inspector Gadget of messenger bags.

Designed for the photographer, traveler, urban commuter, and everyone in between, the ash Everyday Messenger 15" Version 1 from Peak Design showcases smart features to meet your day-to-day needs. The Messenger holds a full-frame DSLR and up to three lenses, thanks to the three origami-inspired adjustable touch-fastening padded dividers. Simply remove the dividers if you prefer to carry books or overnight essentials. Your up-to-15" laptop can be stored separately in a rear, padded compartment with an interior sleeve for your tablet or important documents.

Still need convincing? How about the rear interior area that's perfect for housing a tablet. Or paper documents, if you're so inclined. But whatever you're putting into this thing you can be pretty sure you're going to look cooler than the average person walking down the street. Look at it!

This dealis only going to be good for Sunday so you don't have too much longer to grab this deal. Do it now, do it often.

Or maybe just once. That'll work.

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