Every job posting you see lately has something in common: they want someone who has experience with social media and marketing. Even at your current job, it seems like the people getting noticed and moving ahead are experts in the world of Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. How are you supposed to climb the ladder or finally nab the job you really want if your only social media experience is the cat video you posted on Facebook last week? Even then, you weren't sure you did the post correctly, and only three people seemed to like it. You're so not a social media marketing expert. Yet.

Social media marketing is not as difficult to master as you might think; you just need the right tools and the best teachers to learn it. Fortunately, the Silicon Valley Digital Marketing Institute has put together a comprehensive, easy to follow program, that will have you certified in social media marketing in no time at all! All you need is internet access and a device, like a lap or desktop, tablet, or even a smartphone, and you can be an online student from virtually anywhere.

Silicon Valley Social Media Marketing Course

Starting today, you can get the Silicon Valley Social Media Marketing Course and Certification for only $29. That's 99% off the regular price of $3,995! You'll have lifetime access to 12 lesson modules that break down exactly how social media marketing works, everything from the how-to of each platform to the psychology of internet-based marketing. All of your resources are included in your incredibly low tuition price, giving you access to things like:

  • Certified tutors to answer all of your questions
  • Video tutorials to show you exactly how social media platforms are run for optimal marketing
  • Downloadable texts and flashcards to help you review new skills you've learned
  • A five-year subscription to the Pro Article Library, the resource that houses the most up-to-date teachings and writings for social media experts
  • Your Certificate Diploma, which would normally cost nearly $300 on its own

In as little as three weeks, you can start your new career path in social media marketing. Learn from home at your own pace with the Silicon Valley Social Media Marketing Course and Certification for only $29, a savings of 99%!

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