The movie industry is absolutely massive these days and always looking for new creatives to pitch the next fresh movie idea to bring something new to the silver screen audiences. Maybe you have an idea for a movie that's all in your head — you just need to get it down on paper.

Often the biggest issues holding someone back from writing a screenplay are not knowing how to properly outline and plan out your story idea, and not knowing the proper formatting for a screenplay. No one in the industry is going to look at your fantastic screenplay if it isn't formatted to industry standards, but that can be tough if you're only working in a standard text editor.

That's where WriterDuet can really save the day. It's a fantastic screenwriting software that includes all the features you need to get started, whether you're a total rookie or a seasoned screenwriter.

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It's a web-based platform which means you're able to log in and work on your screenplay wherever you are It lets you draft and collaborate on your project wherever you are which is really useful. It also automatically saves to the cloud so you never have to deal with the nightmare of losing a bunch of progress, but you also have the ability to write offline, too, with local backups that automatically sync to your online versions.

Everything is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with exporting functions to Final Draft, Celtx, Word, and other popular file formats. WriterDuet is popular among established screenwriters, too, so you'll know you're using the same program as the pros do.

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If you're New Years Resolution is to finally write that screenplay, this is the perfect deal to help get you started on the right track on January 1st.

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