No matter how early you start your holiday shopping, there is always someone who takes forever to find that perfect gift. They just have everything they need already! Still, I've rounded up some fun and thoughtful items that just about anyone can enjoy. Perhaps you'll find that item that they didn't know they needed. You might even find a little something with which to treat yourself! Please note that many of these items in this gift guide may not make it time for Christmas, but I know my own family would rather wait for a fantastic gift than settle for an "ok" gift on time.

Bose Sleepbuds Ii Render Cropped

A better night's sleep: Bose Sleepbuds II

Staff Pick

If you know someone that has trouble sleeping, you know there is no better gift on earth than a good night's sleep. For me, the Bose Sleepbuds II have been the gift that keeps on giving, as I am finally able to sleep through my partner's snores.

Skinit Decal Gaming Skin Spider Man Render Cropped

Officially licensed skins for all the things: Skinit Decal

Skinit makes decals for smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, AirPods, laptops, and more. Skinit has official licensing for Marvel, Disney, sports teams, colleges, and many more. Get a truly personalized gift for just about any fan of anything. Use code MORE15 for 15% off your purchase on Skinit's website.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

For the coffee or tea fan: Ember Mug 2

No doubt a luxury, the Ember Mug 2 is an iMore favorite. It keeps your coffee or tea at your preferred optimal temperature between 120-145 degrees Fahrenheit for around 80 minutes. Connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and the app allows you to select or customize preset temperatures in a few taps.

$99 at Target
Candle Lighter Eslife Render Cropped

Stylish lighter: esLife Electric Arc Candle Lighter

Why light those fancy candles with ordinary matches or lighters? This sleek candle lighter uses plasma tech instead of butane. Charge it via USB and always have a spark on the ready.

$20 at Amazon
Storyworth Family Stories

Priceless memories: StoryWorth

Perhaps you've thought about taking down the life story of a beloved older family member, but you're overwhelmed with how to go about such a project. StoryWorth makes it easy. Once a week, your loved one will be emailed a thought-provoking, memory-inducing question to answer. At the end of the year, the stories will be bound into a keepsake book.

From $89 at StoryWorth
Rubiks Connected Rubiks Cube Render Cropped

Retro gone high-tech: Rubik's Connected - The Connected Electronic Rubik's Cube

The original Rubik's Cube was the must-have gift decades ago, but there's a new twist. The modern-day cube is app-connected to track your cube's orientation and teach you how to master the classic puzzle. You can also track your progress and connect with puzzle-solving friends around the world. Click the coupon box for the current discounted price.

$50 at Amazon

Trace roots: AncestryDNA

Send in a DNA sample and find out where you come from. But it's more than a genetic code: not only will you find out what regions of the world your ancestors hail from, you'll find living relatives you can connect with now. This is an amazing gift for anyone with an interest in genealogy. My partner received this gift several years ago and enjoyed delving into the family tree immensely.

$59 at Amazon
Kew Labs Uts 1 Wireless Charger Render Cropped

Invisible charger: Kew Labs UTS-1 Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers are nothing new, but how about an invisible one? Ok, it's not exactly invisible, but you install it under your desk or table, and it charges your smartphone right through the furniture (up to one inch thick.) Your desk will look neater, and your phone will always be juiced up and ready to go.

$84 at Kew Labs
Moft Snap On Magnetic Stand Wallet For Iphone 12 Render Cropped

MagSafe wallet stand: MOFT The First Snap-On Magnetic Stand & Wallet for iPhone 12

MOFT took the idea of the Apple MagSafe wallet one step further. In addition to being a wallet that snaps onto the back of any iPhone 12 model, it's also a fold-out stand, perfect for video-chatting, watching videos, or selfies. There's also an adhesive version that works with any smartphone.

Cricut Joy

Explore creativity: Cricut Joy

If you need a gift for a creative someone who enjoys crafting, the Cricut Joy is just the thing. This little machine is easy to use for writing and cutting labels, decals, iron-on projects, and more.

Mixbook Photo Book Render Cropped

Coffee table worthy: Photo book

I love to make photo books to commemorate a special occasion, vacation, or just the everyday. I've made quite a few over the years, both for myself and to give as gifts. Photo books are a delightful trip down memory lane.

Harry & David Fruit Of The Month Club

Amazing fruit and more: Harry & David Fruit-of-the-Month Club

I have both given and received Harry & David gifts many, many times over the years, and they are consistently wonderful. I gift my mom a subscription to the Fruit-of-the-Month Club every year, and every month she delights in telling me how much she is enjoying her delicious fruit. If there is ever anything not right with the shipment, Harry & David will replace it.

From $22/month at Harry & David

The ideal gift

Only you can choose the ideal gift for that special someone in your life, but hopefully, some of the ideas in this gift guide will help you choose something they'll enjoy. I personally love my Bose Sleepbuds II. Actually, I can't imagine living without them at this point.

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