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Gifts for iPhone lovers: 2012 holiday guide

If the special someone(s) on your holiday gift list already have iPhones, and love them, and are looking to get even more out of them, you're all in luck. There's an embarrassment of great apps, accessories, and content that make the iPhone ever so much more functional, and more fun. Here are some of our favorites.

Sector 5 case by Element Case

The iPhone 5 is one of the best looking, best manufactured devices in the history of the 'verse, but anodized aluminum can scratch and chip. If you know someone who wants to protect their iPhone's edges, and give it an even more distinctive, hypercar-inspired look, then check out the Sector 5 case by Element Case. It's everything that was great about previous generation Element Cases, but lighter and even easier to put on.

  • $139.95 - Buy now (opens in new tab)

If you want something that's less corners and more curves, check out the Draco 5 for iPhone 5.

Elevation Dock

Apple chose not to offer a docking station for the iPhone 5, but that's not a problem because Elevation has updated their stylish, solid aluminum dock for just exactly that device. If your special someone would love to dock their iPhone at their desk, beside their bed, or anywhere else, they'll love the Elevation Dock.

Apple TV

Apple builds AirPlay into every iPhone, and with AirPlay, you can beam many of the videos you're watching on the small screen, right onto your big screen HDTV. Yeah, that includes video games. It also includes anything you may have on your iPhone when you visit your friends or family and connect to their Apple TV. It's just the best way to share content from the small screen to the big one.

  • $99.99 - Buy now (opens in new tab)

SGP GLAS.t screen protector

Most screen protectors cover the glass iPhone display with plastic that doesn't look or feel anywhere nearly as good. The SGP GLAS.t, while slightly thicker than plastic screen protectors, feels much more like the actual iPhone display. If you know someone who's concerned about scratching their screen, get them the SGP GLAS.t.

  • $27.99 - Buy now (opens in new tab)

If you'd rather get them something that's a lot thinner but incredibly strong, check out the BodyGuardz HD Anti-glare ScreenGuardz.

  • $12.95 on sale - Buy now (opens in new tab)

iBOLT ProDock Alumina

Whether it's using Siri, using turn-by-turn navigation, listening to music, or just talking on the phone, the iBOLT ProDock Alumina can help your friends and family stay safe, sound, and out of legal trouble when taking their iPhone on the road.

  • $29.95 - Buy now (opens in new tab)

Olloclip 3-in-one lens system

The Olloclip 3-in-on lens system is a great gift for any iPhone user, but photography enthusiasts will really appreciate it. This tiny little accessory is equipped with macro, wide-angle, and fisheye lenses that slip over the iPhone's built-in camera. This great little kit is small enough to carry in your pocket, yet makes the iPhone's camera a lot more versatile. If your photography-loving friend doesn't already own an Olloclip, I guarantee s/he has been dying to get one.

  • $69.99 - iPhone 4/4S - Buy now (opens in new tab)
  • $69.99 - iPhone 5 - Buy now (opens in new tab)


It's not easy to quickly, conveniently enter appointments with the default iPhone calendar app. It is with Fantastical. All someone has to do is type in what they're going to be doing, in plain, natural language, and fantastical figures it out. If you want to make your special someone's life easier, get them Fantastical.

iOS 6 Maps are slick, but for some people, in some places, it just doesn't work well enough to be relied on. If you want to give your friends or family an alternative turn-by-turn navigation app, give them NAVIGON.

$59.99 - Download Now (opens in new tab)


Camera+ for iPhone updated for iOS 6 and iPhone 5, Camera+ for iPad now available

If you know someone who loves to take photos with their iPhone, they'll love to take their photos to the next level with Camera+. Going far beyond the built-in iPhone camera app, Camera+ gives more control, more features, and is a ton more fun.

$0.99 on sale - [Download Now]( /id329670577?mt=8&at=10l3Vy&ct=d_im)

Your favorite iPhone gifts?

Have you already picked out the perfect iPhone gift for your iPhone loving friends or family members? If so, what are you getting them? Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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  • Regarding: "If you want something that's less corners and more curves..." Please, please: that should be "that's fewer corners..." One of my pet peeves, sorry. Anyway, also consider the new iPhone 5 ProClip car mounts. Their customized for your vehicle and, for mine, I can have the phone just a few inches away from my right hand when it's on the steering wheel. Perfect. I don't recommend the new clip that holds the phone from the top of the device--too tight and can potentially scratch. I switched to the traditional one that clamps from the sides. I can also vouch for Navigon--it's a great app (bought it when I first got my 4S). However, I hardly ever use it. Why? Because tapping on an address in my contacts etc. brings me to the native iOS Maps and we can't make third-party apps the default. That said, iOS Maps is just fine--actually like it more than the old google maps.
  • Echo to ProClip (for iPhone 4/4s as well as iPhone 5). It's fantastic!!!
  • Awesome nail polish Georgia! I'd add the Sena Ultra Slim case for iPhone 5 as a cool gift. I like to protect the '5' when it's in my pocket, but can't stand any kind of case on it when I'm actually using it. A slip case is the perfect solution, and the Ultra Slim is, well ultra slim. And it's leather. Perfect.
  • The iBolt doesn't ship until the 28th! I guess it would still make a decent New Year present. ;)
  • An iRig would be great!