Glancecam On Big SurSource: Cesare Forelli

What you need to know

  • GlanceCam 3 is a new update that adds features to the already popular IP camera viewer.
  • A new Pro tier adds support for multiple windows.

GlanceCam today received its big version 3.0 update, adding new features and a new Pro tier. The app, which takes all of your IP cameras and puts them into one app on your Mac, now has a newly refreshed interface and improvements to make the app easier to use.

Alongside the new minimalist interface, the biggest change is a ClanceCam Pro tier that enables a new multi-window view that puts all of your cameras on your screen at once.

Some of the big changes in GlanceCam 3 include:

  • A new Preferences window makes easier adding, reordering and configuring video streams and tweaks; additional help is also provided in a new onboarding video, plus throughout the app in detailed tooltips and in the new, extensive FAQs.
  • Multi-windows support, which allows to open, resize and arrange as many windows as needed, remembering their configuration between sessions.
  • An optional minimalistic user interface that removes everything but the video stream when the app is not actively interacted with.
  • It's now possible to send a camera to the same level of macOS background, behind all apps and icons, so that it remains always available in the most unobtrusive way possible.

Some of the new features are behind the GlanceCam Pro subscription. That's available for $8.99 per year or as a $22.99 lifetime license.

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You can download GlanceCam from the Mac App Store right now. If you aren't seeing version 3.0 yet, don't worry. It's coming!

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