Best HomeKit cameras iMore 2022

The best HomeKit cameras offer a level of security and privacy that other cameras and ecosystems cannot match — thanks to Apple's stance on protecting your data. HomeKit also enables powerful automation possibilities with other accessories, like turning on your smart light bulbs and securing your HomeKit door locks when your camera detects motion at night. Here's our guide to the best HomeKit cameras that you can buy today.

Logitech Circle View Camera

Indoors and out: Logitech Circle View Weatherproof Wired Home Security Camera

Staff pick

Logitech's Circle View Camera is our top pick as it is one of the only HomeKit-enabled wired options available for both indoors and out. The Circle View keeps an eye on your home with high-quality video — up to 1080p resolution, and features instant notifications and HomeKit Secure Video. A built-in microphone enables two-way audio, making conversations with those around the camera quick and easy.

Eufy Indoor Cam Pan 2K

Pan & tilt: eufy Security Solo IndoorCam P24, 2K Pan & Tilt Security Indoor Camera

The eufy Indoor Cam Pan 2K features an integrated motor that provides the perfect view indoors. We love its unique follow feature that allows the camera to automatically track a person and how it rotates the lens inward when the camera shuts off for privacy. It isn't all about the motor, though, as this camera sports crisp 2K resolution images and support for HomeKit Secure Video.

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Netatmo Presence Smart Outdoor Camera

Security guard: Security Camera Outdoor by Netatmo

The Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren is explicitly made for the outdoors, using the wiring in existing light fixtures for power. Don't worry about losing an outdoor light, though, as the Presence features a powerful 120-watt LED floodlight built right in. This unique combination can work in tandem or independently through HomeKit, plus it works with HomeKit Secure Video features.

Aqara G2h Camera Hub

Camera and hub: Aqara Security Camera, HomeKit Secure Video Indoor Camera

Aqara's Camera Hub G2H is not just a high-quality HomeKit Secure Video-enabled camera; it also acts as a hub for other Aqara accessories with an integrated Zigbee radio. This camera also has an onboard siren, so you can create a DIY security system for cheap with Aqara motion sensors or door and window Sensors without having to shell out for a monthly subscription.

Eufycam 2C Camera System

Wireless convenience: eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit - Outdoor security camera

The eufyCam 2C is a subscription-free, all-wireless camera that features six-month battery life and an IP67 weather-resistance rating. This camera supports 1080p HD video resolution and night vision, and it includes a built-in floodlight for extra security. The light also enables color night vision, providing a more detailed image when it is dark out.

Logitech Circle View Doorbell

Package protector: Logitech Circle View Apple HomeKit-Enabled Wired Doorbell with Logitech TrueView Video

The Logitech Circle View Doorbell protects your precious packages with a unique 160-degree field of view that provides a taller, head-to-toe image of your porch. HomeKit Secure Video support enables powerful features like Face Recognition, Activity Zones, iCloud storage, and you can even use your HomePod as a chime.

Eufy Indoor Cam 2K

Affordable security: eufy Security Solo IndoorCam C24, 2K Security Indoor Camera

eufy's Indoor Cam 2K offers premium high definition 2K visuals but comes with an affordable price tag. Don't let the low price fool you, though; this camera includes all the bells and whistles: two-way audio, Home app controls, local storage, and even HomeKit Secure Video. If you want the most bang for your buck, go with the eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam.

ecobee SmartCamera

Premium protection: ecobee SmartCamera – Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

The ecobee SmartCamera integrates with its popular SmartThermostat and the ecobee Haven home monitoring service, giving you whole-home coverage 24/7 through motion and occupancy sensing. Even without Haven, this loaded indoor camera has everything: HomeKit Secure Video, 1080p video, built-in Alexa, and an incredibly slick motion tracking feature.

Eve Cam next to an iPhone on a white background

Quick setup: Eve Cam - Apple HomeKit Smart Home Secure Indoor Camera with Motion Sensor

The Eve Cam works exclusively with Apple's HomeKit Secure Video, so you don't have to worry about downloading yet another app or having to go through a painful registration process. Simply plug in the Eve Cam and scan the HomeKit pairing code, and you are ready to keep an eye on your home in glorious 1080p complete with iCloud storage using your existing storage plan.

Monitor it all with the best HomeKit cameras

The best HomeKit cameras are a great way to keep an eye on things in and around your home. These cameras provide rich notifications from the Home app, including a thumbnail image of who is lurking around. Siri can also summon your video feed by using just your voice and your iOS device. HomeKit automation allows the motion sensors built into the cameras to trigger lights when something passes by — providing an extra layer of security.

If you are looking for the most flexible HomeKit camera around, look no further than the Logitech Circle View. This versatile smart camera supports all of the latest HomeKit Secure Video features, and it can withstand the elements outdoors. We also love that this camera doesn't require a separate app or account. Instead, it is managed entirely through the Home app on iOS and macOS.

If you need an all-wireless option built for the outdoors, then the eufyCam 2C gets our recommendation. This camera has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to six months on a single charge, supports HomeKit Secure Video, and has an integrated spotlight that enables color night vision.

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