There's a new Glif in town – and it's ready to help you take stellar iPhone photos!


The new Glif was worth the wait; it's a marvelously clever piece of engineering.

If you're someone who does a bit of shooting or photography with your iPhone, then chances are you've heard about the Glif. It's tripod-mount that's specifically designed to secure and stabilize your iPhone in a simple, effortless way!

Now the company who designed the original has released a redesigned version of the Glif; one that holds your smartphone in portrait and landscape mode, allows users to pop their phone in and out of the Glif with the switch of a lever, and so much more.

What's new with the Glif?

The all-new and completely redesigned version of the Glif holds your smartphone securely in portrait or landscape with a quick release lever, and includes three tripod mounts for additional accessories.

The quick release lever allows the jaws of the Glif to move freely, but when it's locked in, it ain't going nowhere.

The portrait or landscape mode is perfect for livestreaming on Instagram or Snapchat. The Glif comes with a side-mounted tripod mount, which lets devices get mounted differently depending on your preferred orientation.

If you're looking to build a full-on mobile photography rig, then the Glif's new extensibility features allow you to attach 3 different tripod mounts like a mic, a light, and whatever else you need for mobile shooting!

Sweet! Where can I get it?

Right here!

What else does it come with?

You can pick up a hand grip and wrist strap with the 'Full Set" option.

These allow for a much more comfortable and secure "on-the-go" shooting rig, especially if you plan to add additional components.

What do you think about the new Glif?

Are you a big fan of the new design of the Glif? What are your favorite features? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Cella Lao Rousseau

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