It's Global Awareness Accessibility Day — #GAAD — and that matters to everyone.

Accessibility and inclusivity are often thought of as helping people with visual, auditory, or physical challenges, learning challenges, are on the Autistic spectrum, or otherwise need assistance beyond what technology normally supplies. The truth is, making products accessible and inclusive, the way Apple does, makes them easier to use and better for everyone. It lets people young and old, novice and expert, use an iPhone or iPad or Apple Watch, and use it well. For those with challenges, however, it's not just about access, it's about empowerment. It can improve their lives and let them travel, communicate, and interact in ways never before possible. #GAAD is about getting the word out, so everyone can help, and everyone can benefit.

Accessibility guides

If you're new to accessibility on iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, here's how to get everything set up and how to start using it.

Accessibility awareness apps

If you're looking for apps, Apple's App Store team has put together a selection of iPhone and iPad apps that aid in accessibility awareness.

Suggested reading

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