Go rugged and clear with the Urban Armor Gear case for iPhone 6s

I'm the kind of guy that likes my iPhone 6s to have enough protection to handle a serious drop without bulking it up. This hybrid case from Urban Armor Gear fits the bill perfectly and it comes in a clear option that shows off the original design of the iPhone 6s.

Built to meet military drop-test standards, the Urban Armor Gear case packs a polycarbonate shell with a rubber bumper that's most prominent at the top and bottom of the case. A hexagonal pattern on the inside remains visible through the transparent shell and is accompanied by 5 mock rivets that are there to simply add to the case's rugged aesthetics.

Included with the case was a plastic screen protector, small cleaning cloth, and an applicator card to help push out air bubbles after application. The screen protector worked great with the case installed and didn't lift up around the edges as some others do.

The lip around the front of the case kept the display of the iPhone 6s from rubbing against surfaces while faced down. Urban Armor Gear managed to utilize dual protective layers in a slim form factor that's also incredibly lightweight. The smooth polycarbonate shell had a nice amount of grip and the crevices that extend to each corner definitely assist in the grip factor.

Around the rear camera lens and flash is a thick rubber bezel that keeps them from getting scratched. With the exception of the mute switch on the side, the volume and power buttons are part of the rubber edges that aid in providing a more precise press when the case is installed around the iPhone 6s. On the bottom are standard openings for the speaker, Lightning port, microphone, and auxiliary port. Although I prefer when case manufacturers leave their logos off the cases they create, the blocky chrome UAG logo in the middle actually compliments the rest of the case very well.

The Urban Armor Gear case for the iPhone 6s comes in a variety of different color options, but if you like some transparency to your cases both the Ice (as pictured) and Ash (slightly darker) are your best choices for the Gear case line. I couldn't be happier with this cover; it provided everything I was after in a solid case without fattening up the sleek iPhone 6s. The included screen protector with the case is a nice bonus, too.

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Brent Zaniewski

Your friendly neighborhood accessories guru

  • If you want a solid case for your iPhone this is the case you have been looking for.
  • This case is pretty darn good. The real negative is the 2 holes in the back. Why UAG? Why? All the other cases they have do not have those holes. Basically, the holes let debris get inside and possibly scratches the back of your phone. That's a big negative and only negative I have with this case. Trust me, I have plenty of cases from them.
  • When I had my Galaxy Note Edge the UAG case was the only one available, so I bought it. To my surprise I dropped my Note Edge twice, and nothing happened to it. So when I switched to the 6s there was no question what case to get. Also got one for my iPad mini 4. Sent from the iMore App
  • UAG cases are absolutely among the best you can buy. They offer full screen protection, all the way around the screen instead of leaving a gap on the bottom as Apple's cases do. I never understood leaving the bottom of the phone unprotected like that. I once accidentally threw my iPhone down the sidewalk, landing 20+ feet away. The UAG case had a small crack in it but the iPhone was completely unharmed, I bought a new case and was on my merry way. You won't go wrong with UAG.
  • The case also works great with a rear skin, I would take a photo of mine but I don't have a mirror handy and only have my phone for taking photos. I've been using UAG cases since the 4S, that one eventually started to separate at one of the corners, this newer one appears to be made much better. I especially like the hard, easy to press, protruding buttons.
  • I have the black version of this case. It feels good in the hand, the buttons work better inside the case than with no case. The black version is over the top industrial looking. I think the clear looks better.