God hates me. Nothing else can explain my recent steady string of bad luck. My plans to devote free time to writing, and my entire holiday, were derailed by a bout with food poisoning...or stomach flu (it's not clear which is the culprit). While most of you were enjoying vast portions of poultry, piled on plates, and devouring drumsticks, I was in bed convalescing. I was struck down Wednesday evening and didn't fully recover until late Saturday, and by that time my only goal was to salvage what was left of Thanksgiving. On the bright side, illness provided a way of avoiding family. Hallelujah!

So that was my week. Enough ruminating. Now for some good news - I freed up this whole bloody week to devote to blogging...and I am raring to go. Today will be a little spotty due to a couple meetings with clients (you know, that whole job thing), but from then on it's off to the blogosphere. Provided of course God ceases his campaign to punish me. Was I Hitler in a past life? I thought having Vista running on my PC was punishment enough. sigh

Now, if you'll all excuse me, I have to see a man about some wallpaper.