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When it comes to business, the coronavirus pandemic has brought both challenges and opportunities. While brick and mortar stores are struggling, online spending has almost doubled. In a strange way, now is a great time to start a new venture or reshape an existing business.

Not everyone has the skills to code a website from scratch, but GoDaddy Websites + Marketing offers a neat solution. This all-in-one platform helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to build and grow an online presence easily.

Growth Made Simple

Before the pandemic struck, online purchases accounted for 15% of consumer spending. According to the Bank of America, that figure is now 27%. In other words, any business that doesn't accept orders online is missing out.

Websites + Marketing from GoDaddy provides a launchpad for anyone wanting to capture those digital dollars. This new platform is free to try, and it provides everything you need for making money online.

After you sign up, the first step is to create your website. The platform offers a library of beautiful templates, from professional designers, which you can customize to fit your requirements. You need no coding skills, and the editor even works on your phone.

In addition to cosmetic changes, Websites + Marketing lets you select from a range of useful features. You can add an appointment scheduling app, shopping features, and even members-only areas.

No matter what you choose, your site is automatically hosted and backed up on GoDaddy servers.

Reach More Customers

Of course, creating a website will not automatically pull in customers. As the second half of the name implies, Websites + Marketing also helps you build a brand.

Through the same slick platform, you can start composing search-optimized blog posts and click-worthy emails. Even more importantly, you can sync your online store to your Facebook and Instagram accounts, creating a catalog that's housed directly on both platforms. This allows you to create shoppable posts and tag featured products, meaning your customers can shop directly from the apps they're already spending all of their time on.

You'll reach thousands of more potential customers through targeted social media ads, and you'll make it even easier for them to shop your store by bringing your products to them, rather than making them track you down. Plus, your inventory is always automatically updated, so you'll never wind up overselling products you've run out of.

Risk-Free Results

While the list of features seems pretty compelling, you might be wondering whether this platform actually makes a difference to businesses.

The stats seem to suggest the answer is "yes." On average, businesses that sign up with GoDaddy Websites + Marketing see an 18% increase in revenue within 12 months.

Just as importantly, you don't have to make a significant investment to get started. It's completely free to sign up and create a website. Paid plans start at just $10 per month, with the option to upgrade as you grow.

Want to give it a try? Head over to GoDaddy today to start building your online empire.