Google Chrome browser for iPhone, iPad in App Store now!

At Google I/O 2012 today, Google announced they'll be bringing their Chrome web browser to the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Today. Now in fact.

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Before anyone gets too excited, however, it's important to remember that alternate local web browsers on iOS all have to use UIWebView to render HTML content, and don't get access to Nitro Apple's less secure, but faster just-in-time JavaScript engine. That means Google Chrome on iOS will be slower for JavaScript intensive sites than Safari.

So no Chrome-specific WebKit implementation. No V8 JavaScript engine. No ability to open pages in Chrome instead of Safari. Nothing beyond what any other browser in the App Store gets.

But this isn't a rendering play by Google -- this is an interface and services play.

Google Chrome on iOS will bring with it the Chrome aesthetic, and more importantly, all the sync features Chrome desktop and Chrome for Android users enjoy. If you have a PC, an Android phone, and an iPad, you now have a seamless, synced experience between all your device. For Chrome lovers, that's huge.

Speaking of which, Google also used I/O 2012 to announce Chrome as the world's most popular browser.

We'll be back later with a full review -- including a look at how Chrome on iPhone and iPad stacks up to Safari and Chrome for Android. So stay tuned. And for more from Google I/O 2012, keep it locked to our Mobile Nations sibling site, Android Central.

Rene Ritchie

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