Google Drive now available for iPhone, iPad

Today at I/O 2012 Google announced that they're extending their cloud storage service to iOS devices, allowing iPhone and iPad owners to remotely access their documents, music, photos, and other files. It has some cool tricks baked in, such as optical character recognition, so you can search through documents that have been scanned or photographed. There's also Goggles-style image recognition, so you can discover more about pictures in your files. There's local file syncing, as well as collaborative features to allow teams to work together on the same documents.

Google also announced that Chrome is landing on iOS today, if you're interested in flirting with a new browser. 

You can grab Google Drive from the App Store now. (And no, you're not crazy, Google seems to have decided not to add any upload functionality. Senses made: zero.)

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Source: AndroidCentral

Simon Sage

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