Grovermade's new HomePod stand helps you avoid white ring woes

Today, Oregon-based tech accessory manufacturer Grovermade launched the latest addition to its line of beautifully designed desktop solutions. Called the HomePod Stand, it's essentially a base that sits underneath your shiny new HomePod, keeping the silicone away from your finished wood while also displaying it securely and attractively.

The stand sits underneath your HomePod like a coaster would, but don't be mistaken — it isn't a coaster, at least according to Grovermade:

The problem was straightforward: Apple has admitted the HomePod leaves a white ring on naturally finished wood, the same type of finish on our wood products. There are some easy fixes. You could use a wool felt pad, basically a glorified coaster, to solve the problem. But it didn't sit right with our team. It was too easy. It felt more like a bandage than a real solution. And, it looked ugly. We didn't want to just protect the table, we wanted to make the HomePod better!

And better it is. Aesthetically, each stand is minimal and tidy, and made of precision-machined and hand-finished aluminum, hardwood, or cork. That way, you can select whichever finish would fit best in your home and add to the beauty of your speaker, not detract from it. You can even choose between two different woods (walnut and maple), two different cork colors (dark and light), and two different metal finishes (black and silver). In addition, to further protect your pristine tabletop, every stand come with a layer of microsuede on its underside.

If you'd like an alternative to using decorative scissors to cut out a piece of felt to stick underneath your HomePod (not that there's anything wrong with that), you can get Grovemade's HomePod Stand for yourself starting at $20. If I were you, I'd order one ASAP, because there's currently a 2-4 week wait for delivery.

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Tory Foulk

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