We know all about indoor herb gardens, and the AeroGarden brand makes some of the more robust and easy to use indoor gardens around. If you aren't sure about your green thumb or just want to start somewhere small, try the AeroGarden Sprout. It's designed to grow three plants at a time where other AeroGarden devices can grow up to six or even 24. Plus, you can get the Sprout on sale for just $69.99 today. It's the featured deal in Best Buy's deals of the day and a great low price. The same garden sells for around $100 at Home Depot and other retailers. Today's price is as good as we've ever seen.

No mess

AeroGarden Sprout garden kit with 3 gourmet herb pods

A great starter kit for beginner gardeners. The plants grow in water using the provided nutrients and 10-watt LED lights for photosynthesis. They don't need soil or sun, so there's no mess or hassle. Comes with a 3-pod kit to get you started.

$69.99 $100.00 $30 off

With the Sprout you'll be able to grow a few herbs or greens anywhere in your home. You don't need to worry about being outdoors because they don't need the sun for photosynthesis. You also don't need to worry about soil because the plants grow in water. That eliminates a huge, and often messy, problem with gardening right there. The indoor garden can sit on your kitchen counter and will still grow lush, robust herbs. It is completely self-contained and even uses less water overall than a traditional garden.

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The energy-efficient 10-watt LED bulbs help facilitate photosynthesis. You'll also get three gourmet herb seed pods to get you started. These pods include Genovese basil, curly parsley, and dill. You'll find AeroGarden has a ton of pods you can choose from and they all work very quickly. Double up on herbs you use often or try something new.

The size of the Sprout definitely gives you some more freedom in where you can place it. Whereas the larger AeroGarden devices probably fit best on your kitchen counter or even on a window sill or balcony, the Sprout could easily sit on your desk. Place it next to your laptop or somewhere else for a more decorative look.

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