MacBook LineupSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple is set to announce at least one new Mac during a March event, says Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.
  • More Macs will be announced in May or June, Gurman has heard.
  • New MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, and more updates are expected before the end of 2022.

Apple will announce at least one refreshed Mac during a March event, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. We should expect more to come later in the year, too.

Writing via his weekly Power On newsletter, Gurman said that while we should expect the event to mainly focus on the new 5G iPhone SE and a refreshed iPad Air, there will still be time for Apple to update at least one Mac. There could be more, but anything that isn't announced at the rumored March 8 event could still come sooner rather than later — in May or June.

While we'll get new Macs in March, I'm told Apple is already gearing up for another round of Mac releases around May or June.

In terms of what we will see announced in March, Gurman points to the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the current Mac mini as machines that are most likely to be refreshed. Beyond that, rumors point to a new iMac, iMac Pro, and MacBook Air arriving before the year is out.

Apple's March event will likely see the next round of Apple silicon as well, bringing M2 to the masses. Expect future Pro machines to also make use of new M2 Pro and M2 Max chips in due course as well.

While Apple has yet to confirm a March 8 event, it does now seem more likely than ever. If it is indeed going ahead, it seems likely Apple will announce something next week.