GVIEWIN Retractable Charging Cable review: Cute and convenient

Cable tangle is the worst, and I am always looking for solutions to neaten up my work area and streamline my travel bag. Enter the GVIEWIN Retractable Charging Cable. One end is a USB Type-A plug and the other is a USB Type-C. Whether you're transferring data or charging up your USB-C enabled device, this convenient cutie has you covered.

The Good

  • Charges iPad Pro
  • Charges MacBook Pro
  • Lots of pretty patterns
  • Retractable; avoids cable tangle
  • Reasonable price point

The Bad

  • Not rapid-charging
  • A bit short at three feet

Cable neatness

GVIEWIN Retractable Charging Cable: Features

GVIEWIN Retractable Charging Cable

We live with so many charging cables nowadays that our desks look like they're hosting a snake convention. At least, that's how mine looks. With the GVIEWIN Charging Cable, there's one fewer snake tangling up my desk. Note that this is not a Lightning cable, so it's not an iPhone charger, nor will charge any Lightning-enabled iPad. It will only charge your USB Type-C devices, such as the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. While its current usefulness for Apple products is somewhat limited until Apple releases an iPhone with a USB-C charging port, this cable will charge any of the non-Apple smartphones with a USB-C port. No wall charger is included, so you will need to provide your own.

The total cable length is three feet. The housing is in the middle, with two cables extending from it. Each cable "arm" extends to a maximum of 1.5 feet. You can stop at five different places along the way; you can feel a slight click at each one. The first stop along the way on each cable is 0.4 feet, the second is 0.7 feet, third is one foot, fourth is 1.2 feet, and finally, the fifth stop is 1.5 feet. This allows you to extend only as much cable as you need, with no extra lying around to get tangled. You always want to extend both cables equally; pulling out one and not the other can damage the internal mechanism. It takes some practice to be able to stop at the exact spot you want, but the retracting mechanism is effective. When fully retracted, you can tuck the plugs into their designated slots, so the whole thing can be tossed into a bag without worry about tangles.

The GVIEWIN Retractable Charging Cable is the cutest way to charge up your USB-C device.

The cable is made with a copper core to ensure a stable current. In my informal testing, I found it charged my iPad Pro and my MacBook Pro just fine, but not faster than using Apple cables. Transmitting data (using a USB-C to USB-A adapter) between my two devices worked fine as well.

There are six different colorful, nature-inspired patterns from which to choose. Two of them have silver housing and white cables as seen in my photos; the other four have black housing and cables instead.

Fun but sophisticated

GVIEWIN Retractable Charging Cable: What I like

There's no denying the cute factor, I'm a sucker for tech accessories that are fun and whimsical without devolving into silly. The patterns on the cable housing are attractive and sophisticated. I like that the cables retract and that they have five stops along the way, so you can pull out exactly how much cable you need. Being able to pop this into my tech bag for travel without worrying about it tangling with the other three or four cables I've packed is a nice bonus. Plus, it just looks nice on my desk.

GVIEWIN Retractable Charging Cable

Not the fastest

GVIEWIN Retractable Charging Cable: What I don't like

If you're looking for the absolute fastest charge you can get, this isn't it. But it does charge reliably in my experience. The total cable length is a bit on the short side, with each arm pulling out to 1.5 feet. Fully extended, you get three feet with the housing in the middle. This can be awkward if it's hanging off of your desk, plugged into a low outlet. I don't love the look of the housing just suspended in mid-air. I would think that over time, gravity would cause wear and tear on the cable using it this way. I'd recommend using this charging cable in situations where you can place your device fairly close to the outlet.

Attractive convenience

GVIEWIN Retractable Charging Cable: Bottom line

The GVIEWIN Retractable Charging Cable is a cute and convenient way to cut down on cable tangle. The compact, round housing adorned with a beautiful nature scene holds two cable arms. One has a USB Type-C plug and the other has a USB Type-A plug. Fully extended, each cable arm measures 1.5 feet, so you get a total of 3 feet of cable with the housing in the middle. There are five stops along the way, so only extend as much cable as you need to keep your desk looking neat.

You can charge any device with a USB-C port, including the iPad Pro or MacBook Pro. This does not include any iPhone, though it does include a number of other smartphones. The wall charger is not included.

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