Get The Dark Knight Rises games, books, movies, and Retina wallpapers on your iPhone and iPad!

The Dark Knight Rises will complete Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale's widely acclaimed Batman trilogy, but before it rises in theaters, you can get can it on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Want to battle Bane and coral Catwoman? Here are your games, books, comics, wallpapers, and more!

iPhone and iPad games

Have Batman rise on your iPhone and iPad before the Dark Knight Rises in theaters!

Gameloft is king of the movie licenses, and with the official Dark Knight Rises game for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad they won't be giving up the title any time soon. Play as Batman through dozens of adventures and random events, rescue hostages, help out bomb squads, hunt down jailbreakers (no, not that kind, and own the streets of Gotham. It's got that Gameloft fighting system, with tons of moves and effects, and you can unlock upgrades as you go.

There's nothing wrong with Bane that the Batman can't fix with his fist, so hit the link below and get your game on.

$6.99 - Download now


The Batman is second only to Superman in major, mainstream detective comic longevity. Created by Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger in 1939 and re-invented in full Dark Knight form by Frank Miller in the 1980s, he's one of the most popular DC superheroes, and not coincidentally one of the most human.

There have been a ton of incredible Batman stories over the years, by an incredible range of creators. Sadly, there's not much available in iBooks yet (bad DC!) but you can get some of them, including more recent sorks, via the Comics app, or dedicated DC Comics app in the App Store. The app itself is free, and there are free comics available, but most need to be purchased separately within the app.

You can also pick up a lot of the collected print editions from Amazon.


Christopher Nolan isn't the first director to bring the Batman to film. Tim Burton and... other, lesser director, had a turn over a decade ago, and there have been a ton of truly fantastic animated TV shows and movies over the years since. (Seriously, some of the animated films and shows are far, far better than the live action movies.)


If you want the Batman on your iPad or iPhone, or if Bane or Catwoman are more your thing, we have your Retina Dark Knight Rises wallpapers ready and waiting for you in the iMore forums.

When you grab your wallpaper, be sure to tell us which one you took! And once you've seen The Dark Knight Rises, drop your review in our official iMore Dark Knight Rises review thread!

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