Michigan Woman gets trapped in outhouse toilet trying to rescue her Apple Watch

A policeman peering into the toilet to find a trapped woman
(Image credit: Michigan State Police)

We’ve all dropped our Apple Watches and iPhones in places we’d rather not stick our hands — the sink while doing the dishes, a puddle outside, the sandpit at the park. But none of those even come close to the… unfortunate spot where one lady dropped her Apple Watch this week.

Michigan State police report that on Wednesday, September 19, they had to rescue a woman who had become trapped in an outhouse — as she tried to retrieve her beloved Apple Watch from the depths of the toilet.

That she’d lowered herself into.

A toilet. For an Apple Watch.

Into the outhouse

The call came to bewildered police officers at around 11am, who arrived at a boat launch on Dixon Lake to find the woman yelling for help, who then let the officers know exactly why she was stuck.

Apparently, upon dropping her Apple Watch into the John, the lady had delicately lowered herself down into the pit below the toilet so that she could find her smartwatch in the pile of muck below. While it is not known if she retrieved her Apple Watch, it is known that the incident was seen to by not only the local Gaylord Post Michigan State Police, but also The Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and the Ostego County EMS.

The toilet had to be removed, and the lady was strapped up and lifted from the murky bowels of the outhouse to find herself surrounded by police officers and other first responders. Hopefully, her crappy time will be told as a funny family story for years to come. It should go without saying, however, that getting into a cesspit to find your Apple Watch, should it fall in, is something that nobody should be doing. You don’t want to be down there, you might not be able to get out, and the police really don’t want to be sending officers down there to smell the situation.

At least provide them with nose pegs if you do.

Tammy Rogers
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