The Apple Watch Ultra review videos are here

Apple Watch Ultra in snow
Apple Watch Ultra in snow (Image credit: Apple)

The Apple Watch Ultra is only two days away from hitting Apple Store shelves and landing on preorder customers' doorsteps and, to hype us up even more, the embargo lifted today and the review videos hit the internet in force.

It's always a great time to get hyped all over again for an upcoming Apple product by binging on all of the review videos that come out a few days before the product's release, and the same goes for the Apple Watch Ultra.

Today, the curtain came down and all of the review videos showed up on YouTube. Naturally, we've put together a list of all of the review videos we could find so scroll down and start cranking through them. Enjoy!


The Apple Watch Ultra is $800, which makes it worth it only for a certain set of people...


Unboxing and testing out the new Apple Watch Ultra! Testing out the new underwater depth and water temperature sensing along with waypoints and back tracking on the compass!


Apple Watch Ultra is the new $799 sports watch that takes things to the extreme.

DC Rainmaker

Here's the Apple Watch Ultra Review for people who want to put this watch to the test. I push the Ultra to the extremes with a non-stop 14-hour journey to see if it can handle the Alps, plus of course, plenty more day-to-day usage thoughts.


Comprehensive, in-depth review of the Apple Watch Ultra tested for running, cycling, weight training, and more. Just hype or is this the real deal?

Chase the Summit


The new Apple Watch Ultra is designed for exploration, adventure, and endurance. But what about the everyday user? In this video I go on a mini adventure of my own to discover if this new extreme Apple Watch Ultra is as rugged as promised.

The Run Testers

The Apple Watch Ultra is Apple’s sportiest smartwatch ever, with a larger, more rugged design than the Series 6, 7 & 8 watches, an extra button, and double the battery life. Combined with the watchOS 9 software update that upgrades Apple's native sports tracking considerably, the Ultra should be a great option for runners who want a smartwatch.

Rafael Zeier

Finally the new Apple Watch Ultra made it to Switzerland. I went into the mountains and way too many details.

Geek Culture

There's plenty to love about the Apple Watch Ultra, from its feature-packed functionality to aesthetics. It's an impressive fitness tracker in its own right, especially being a first-time venture, but we have questions. Serious questions. Questions that you might ask Apple, except that we're ones doing the asking.


Unboxing and First Look at the new Apple Watch Ultra.

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