As a UnitedHealthcare subscriber, you can now get paid to wear your Apple Watch

(Image credit: UnitedHealthcare)

A new program could help you earn cold, hard cash if you're a UnitedHealthcare subscriber and Apple Watch wearer. The new UnitedHealthcare Rewards program allows eligible members and spouses to earn up to $1,000 annually by completing specific daily health goals and one-time activities. 

According to the company, those using a compatible activity tracker, smartwatch, or smartphone, must meet daily activity goals and track sleep and other health-rated activities. The money earned will come from a prepaid debit card or a deposit into a health savings account. 

The new perk comes as a recent survey said that only 23% of employees who have access to well-being programs use them. 

Get moving

Once enrolled, UnitedHealthcare Rewards members can earn incentives by completing specific tasks. These include: 

  • Achieve 5,000 steps or more each day.
  • Complete 15 minutes or more of activity per day.
  • Track sleep for 14 nights.
  • Get a biometric screening.
  • Complete a health survey. 
  • Select paperless billing.
  • Additional qualifying activities will be added throughout the year.

Of the program, Brandon Cuevas, chief growth officer, UnitedHealthcare, explains, “UnitedHealthcare Rewards is a more modern approach to employer-sponsored well-being programs, leveraging gamification elements and giving members the opportunity to earn incentives for any number of activities that may promote health."

Further, "UnitedHealthcare Rewards can be a key step in helping more of our members get and stay healthy, prevent or more effectively manage chronic conditions and, ultimately, make health care more affordable for individuals and employers.”

The new UnitedHealthcare Rewards program is now available to select employers and employees who have fully insured plans that started their new plan year. More employees will get added throughout the year, and self-funded customers should become eligible to join the program in 2024. 

Employees should check with their HR department for more information on the new program. All the best Apple Watches work with the new rewards program, including the Apple Watch Ultra

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