Is Hello Fresh Keto friendly?

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Hello Fresh Box Countertop (Image credit: Hello Fresh)

Is Hello Fresh Keto friendly?

Best answer: Unfortunately, Hello Fresh does not offer Keto meals. However, a pricier sister company, Green Chef, offers meals catered to ketogenic diets.Keto meal plans: Green Chef ($13/serving at Green Chef)Everything else: Hello Fresh ($8/serving at Hello Fresh)

The Meal Box Plan for Keto Fans

Hello Fresh does not offer a dedicated meal plan for Keto diets. Keto dieters need the most restrictive level of carb-control, with close to zero carbs per meal and a slim variety of fruits and vegetables allowed. Hello Fresh announced last year that it would offer Keto-friendly meals after the company bought the organic Green Chef meal kit service. Green Chef offered plans for more stringent diets, but, unfortunately, this plan seems to have fizzled.

If you need meals that are completely restrictive on carbs, your best option is Green Chef, now a sister company of Hello Fresh. Other meal kit services pay lip service as being "carb-conscious," or "Paleo," but the only one I found with a true ketogenic diet plan was Green Chef. A quick perusal of this month's menu shows a mix of meat and seafood, with standard Keto tricks like noodles made from yellow squash, or mashed cauliflower sides.

What is a Keto diet?

A Keto diet, or ketogenic diet, is a diet that significantly restricts carbohydrates while offering nearly limitless access to fat and protein. When you keep a ketogenic diet, your body will enter a fat-burning state called ketosis. This is a state in which fat is metabolized in the liver. You can tell that your body is in a state of ketosis because your liver will turn fat to ketones, and ketones are detectable in urine using a simple home test stick.

It can take a few days of strict adherence to a Keto diet before your body shifts into ketosis. Eating even small amounts of carbohydrates, about 25 grams or so, can kick your metabolism out of the ketosis state. Therefore Keto dieters must follow a very strict regimen, and similar diets like Paleo or other low-carb diets won't have the same effect.

Options for Paleo or total Keto

If you want more grains and vegetables, and the occasional sweetener, Green Chef distinguishes its Paleo meal plan from its Keto. While Paleo comes close, it won't restrict enough carbs to keep your body in a ketogenic state. It won't work for a true Keto devotee.

These options are more expensive than traditional meal boxes. Green Chef charges $26 for a 2-person meal when you order a 3-recipe box. Hello Fresh charges around $18 for the same. Green Chef is certified organic and has several other meal options, including a vegan-friendly plant-focused option and a more balanced box.

Philip Berne