This has been a whirlwind of a month for iMore, and more specifically me. The day my boss and mentor, Serenity Caldwell, called me up to tell me that she was leaving iMore — immediately followed by her telling me I was to take over as managing editor — was the happiest and most difficult day I've had in years.

Serenity has accepted a position on the communications team at Apple — her dream job. In the three years that I've worked at iMore, I've learned that she's always had big (huge) dreams. I am overjoyed that she is able to fulfill those dreams today.

I'm also sad. Serenity and I became fast friends from the first day we met. She's been my confidant, my support, my mentor, and someone I hold close to my heart. Though I'm more than a decade older than her, I look up to Serenity as a model for the type of person I work to become.

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My favorite picture of Serenity during MoNaCon when I first met her in-person.

Serenity has taught me a lot about how to write about tech; how to explain things to people in a comprehensive but understandable way, how to give my opinion, and how to offer possible solutions instead of just stomping all over the place, and how to speak with confidence and passion about the things I love.

I started at iMore as someone who loves technology but feared that no one wanted to hear my opinions.

Today, I take the reins at iMore with confidence that my opinion matters. I'm also not to be afraid to admit when I'm unsure, and to ask for you, our readers' advice when I need it. Serenity has become family to not just the iMore writers, but to the iMore readers, too. I hope you'll come to think of me as family.

In the months and years to come, I'm going to take everything Serenity taught me about passion, excitement, and a desire to learn every little minutia about technology to fill the pages of iMore with the best damn job I can give.

We're going to miss Serenity with all our hearts, but iMore is in good hands. I won't let you down.