A photograph of App Camp attendees in front of an App Camp sign

App Camp is a one-week summer day program where girls and transgender & gender non-conforming youth can design and build apps while being educated about the business of software in an encouraging community environment. Since 2013, App Camp has helped to promote gender equality in tech with 22 camps in seven cities in the US and Canada, and now the App Camp team has launched an Indiegogo campaign in the hopes of establishing camps in three new cities by 2020. This way, they can bring their program to an additional 60 kids per year nationwide.

If you choose to help out, your donation will go toward a $75,000 goal that will allow App Camp to purchase new equipment and hardware (like MacBooks, iPads and Apple Pencils), train new volunteer organizers and staff, and buy food and art supplies for participating young developers.

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According to the camp's Indiegogo page, in addition to the costs listed above, the App Camp team also pays to rent space for camps, gives their volunteers stipends for their time, and offers reduced tuition so that cost isn't a barrier to kids who want to attend camp. They need your help to make all of this happen!

If you're able and want to assist in molding the minds of a future generation of passionate developers, creators and programmers (and we really, really hope you do), head over to App Camp's Indiegogo and back the project. Anything you donate is amazing and brings the camp one step closer to their goal. However, if you donate $10 or more, you can get awesome rewards like handcrafted wallpapers for your iPhone, a fire mixtape, and App Camp themed pocket notebooks. If you're feeling incredibly generous, you can also sponsor a young developer who may not be able to pay to attend the camp for $400.

This is such an incredible organization, and if you value breaking down gender-related barriers in the tech world, I strongly urge you to back this project. If you're not in a position to donate, though, you can definitely still help by telling others about App Camp and sharing the campaign on social media. Young girls and transgender & gender non-conforming youth are powerful, and more than deserve your support.

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