Hepta Three Screens TransparentSource: Anna Schroeder, Artur Schroeder

What you need to know

  • Hepta is an expense tracker that does things a little differently.

Keeping track of your expenses is always an important aspect of life and there are countless apps in the App Store that claim to do just that. But some of them can be a bit on the stuffy side. Boring, if you will. Hepta is definitely not an app that falls into that category – starting with the way it looks.

Much more colorful and playful than anything I've seen in this space, Hepta helps you "see how you're doing at a glance thanks to the heptagon: the central visual element that encapsulates your seven days of spending on its seven sides.

All you need to do then is track your expenses. Within an automated system that systematically offers you a daily limit.

Sounds complicated? Here's the example the developers offer up.

Let's take Klaus as an example:

  • Klaus' fixed costs are 1,000 (including rent, utilities, internet, etc.)
  • and his income is 2,500
  • hence his remaining monthly budget is 1,500
  • Hepta divides it by the number of days between his paydays (30 days)
  • thus his daily budget is 50

Everything is based on a 30-day rolling period and Hepta will adjust based on the date that you input your salary. Then it will remember that date moving forward, too.

Hepta calculates your daily budget appropriately by offering a month refresh button to refresh your daily budget and start your new month once you receive your salary. Hepta then remembers that day for the coming month.

Like all good apps, there's an iOS 14 widget included, and Hepta doesn't need any connection to your bank. Privacy comes first, and "no third-party analytics, ad services, or tracking code is used in Hepta."

If you're looking for a new expenses app and want something a little different from the norm, why not take Hepta for a spin? It's available for free from the App Store with in-app monthly and annual subscriptions available.

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