Best Ad Blockers for Mac

How to start using Safari on Mac
How to start using Safari on Mac

While ad blocking extensions for iPhone and iPad may have gotten all the attention, Apple has enabled the same content blocking architecture for macOS, too. Here are some of the options available for you.


Removes webpage distractions so you can focus on what's important: the content of the page. Block banner ads, popovers, and invisible tracking scripts that not only undermine your privacy by following you around online, but also cause unwanted distractions.


The best way to block advertisements and third-party tracking scripts, protecting your privacy and web browsing performance.


A static content blocker that blocks all third-party content (images, scripts, ads, etc.). It uses a simple rule set that does not need to be updated. Although there may still be unwanted content in the requested resource, all third party tracking is prevented effectively.


Enjoy browsing the web with Roadblock, a free content blocker. It blocks all forms of annoying advertisements on webpages, blocks all forms of tracking media used by websites, comprehensive and optimized block lists. Using Roadblock will result in fast webpage load times, less bandwidth usage, and better battery life.


Blocks all ads and trackers, saving you time and preserving your privacy. It won't slow down Safari and it can't know which websites you visit. Enjoy a cleaner web.

And... more?

Yeah, slim pickings so far compared to iOS. That's likely due to the existing ad blocker market on desktop, and the relegation of Mac content blockers to the plugin page rather than the Mac App Store.

If you try them out, let us know your favorites. And as soon as we've had a chance to test them all—and more of them come out—we'll let you know which one(s) we think are best!

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