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For many, the beginning of a new year brings with it a fresh set of goals. In 2022, quite a few ideas are floating around in my head that I'd love to start and complete. These include at least two website ideas (that don't relate to tech) and one concept that largely avoids any use of devices, mobile or otherwise.

Here's my problem: I consider myself highly task- and goal-oriented when it comes to writing at Future and as a single dad of a teenager. Unfortunately, I'm best described as a time-waster or foot-dragger for anything that falls outside those parameters. The biggest reason for this has been evident to me for years: I'm not good at starting new projects outside my comfort zone.

Perhaps this year will be different.

After doing some research online, I've decided to take Zenkit Projects out for a spin to help me achieve my outside-the-box goals. I first took a look at Zenkit in 2019, calling it a killer app your team needs. Zenkit Projects launched in 2021 and is just one part of the overall Zenkit Suite that also includes Zenchat, To Do, Hypernotes, and Base, with new apps expected to launch this year.

Why Zenkit Projects?

Zenkit ProjectsSource: Zenkit

There are two huge reasons I've decided to use Zenkit Projects in 2022 to achieve my goals. First, Zenkit has an excellent reputation with over 500,000 users across 10 countries. Second, I like trying new software whenever possible. When deciding on a solution, I also like seeing many of the features Zenkit Projects includes, such as file sharing, rich text editing, and classical project management tools like Gantt charts. Zenkit Projects is also known for its advanced reports from what I've been reading.

It also helps that Zenkit Projects is free for personal use, which is all I need for now. Enterprise packages start at $9/month for each user. When you're a team member, the app includes real-time collaboration.

Where you can use Zenkit Projects

Your Zenkit Projects are accessible across multiple devices, including iPhone and iPad, Android, and through the web. The tool also integrates with many third-party solutions, including Google Drive, Dropbox, PDFfiller, and many more.

Showing my progress

Once I am confident that Zenkit Projects will achieve my 2022 goals, I'll head back here with a status report through an app review. Until then, wish me luck on my journey ahead.