The age of the phone is over — but the age of what's built on the phone is just beginning. {.intro}

At the beginning of 2016, I mentioned that we had lots planned for iMore this year, including putting the 'more' into iMore. For the last few years, we helped build up the phone as a platform — now, that platform is being used to build up everything else, and we're all part of that.

Before iMore even had the name "iMore," we were a group of passionate writers who covered the iPhone. After the iPad's debut, we added coverage of Apple's tablet to the mix. It took some readers a while to get used to the change, but history has borne out that the two products were and remain inextricably linked.

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Over time, we added Apple TV, Mac, and Apple Watch; as Apple turned up its integration, so did we. We built ultimate guides that covered every aspect of your Apple experience — from out-of-the-box setup to advanced DIY repairs and workflows. This year, as part of our 2016 strategy, we launched Help Desk, our new-and-updated ultimate guide template that should make it even easier to find the information you want.

Now, with Apple developing HealthKit to interface with medical and fitness devices, HomeKit to interface with accessories and automation, and CarPlay to interface with automobiles, we find our coverage areas expanding again.

Our core mission won't be changing. We'll still be doing what we do best: helping everyone who uses Apple products use them to their fullest.

Only now, that also includes all the products that connect with Apple's hardware and software — everything from Fitbit to Hue, Sonos to Sphero, Amazon Prime to Dropbox, Square to Beats. In other words, wearables, peripherals, and projectables all.

We've made some movement in that arena already, but we've got great plans going forward. Not only do we plan to remain the best place to learn more about your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV, but we're hoping we can help you get the most out of your wearables, driveables, connected toys, and automated home.

People hate change and we get that. People hate it almost as much as they hate boredom. There will no doubt be some growing pains as we work to find the right balance. (That includes some redesigns, and some new ways to—[Ed: Spoilers, Rene.])

We truly appreciate your patience and your trust, and value your feedback as always.

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