You know what they say about the best-laid plans. I expected to be on vacation in southern California visiting my parents over the last week of April, but Apple had other ideas: The company announced it would be shipping the Apple Watch starting April 24 — which just so happened to be the first day of my vacation.

So instead of relaxing that Friday, I spent the evening with my father anxiously awaiting the arrival of two elongated brown boxes; we'd both ordered Apple Watch Sport models, his blue and mine white.

Once the prized devices arrived and we began unboxing them, however, I had a brilliant, terrible thought: The Sport comes with three band pieces (connector, S/M band, and M/L band), and we'd only likely ever use two of them.

Which is largely how I ended up with a white and blue R2D2-colored Sport band.

Though there are websites that promote band-swapping, my idea was far more banal: find friend (or, in this case, relative) with extra half-band they don't want, and borrow a half-piece to build a two-tone Apple Watch Sport band.

That first day, I kindly borrowed my dad's S/M blue band and quickly built a two-tone marvel. The double-color elastomer band may not work for every outfit or situation, but it's been a fun additional way to spice up my band options without breaking the bank or adding a few white-board marker designs to my fluoroelastomer.

This week, I was lucky enough to borrow another band — the black model — to try out a white-and-black combo.

It looks pretty great, and definitely makes me consider picking up an extra black Sport band for casual mix-and-match. I also put blue and black together, because why not.

If you have a buddy that's willing to do (or you want to rely on the internet for) a two-tone swap, all you need is one of their spare sized bands to execute this look. You can also always order a spare Sport band if you have no chums nearby, though ship times are a nebulous 2-4 weeks at present.

Personally, I like my two-tone look for certain outfits and occasions, but I know not everyone feels as friendly to the design. Whether you love or hate band combinations, I'd love to hear about it in the comments. (Also, have a pink or green two-tone picture? Those are the two bands I've been unable to track down and I'd love to see combos.)

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