Hot Chip's new album to feature unique covers

I was already looking forward to British electronic music band Hot Chip's new album Why Make Sense?, which comes out in May. I won't download it from iTunes, though. I plan to buy it in physical form, because they're doing something really cool with the LP and CD.

The Verge reports that the Wallzo-designed cover of the album has been hacked by visual artist Nick Relph. Domino Records, the music label publishing the album, will use what they call "a unique and bespoke printing technique" to offer 501 different color variations of the cover art.

Combined with subtle variations of the design, this means every copy of the album, on both CD and LP, will feature completely unique artwork.

Obviously not everyone's cup of tea. For a band I'm already invested in thanks to a catalog on iTunes, it makes sense for me to take it to the next step.

You can view it for yourself on the Domino Records web site

Peter Cohen