How to access list view in the Calendars app on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 7

iOS 7 made some drastic changes to the default Calendar app and the list view is one of the items that got moved to a place that isn't so obvious. If you're like me and you like to quickly flick through the list view in order to see what's on your plate over the next several days, you'll immediately notice its absence. Fortunately Apple didn't do away with list view, they just moved it.

Here's where you can find it now:

  1. Launch the Calendars app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on the Search bar in the top right corner.
  3. You'll now see the list view aggregate under the Search bar.

That's all there is to it. I'm not quite sure why Apple decided to lump the list view in with the Search function of Calendars. It's a weird move to say the least. I'm just glad it's still there. Hopefully a later update will make it a little easier to find. For now, you'll need to access to Search menu to use it.

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  • Thanks for the tip and keep them coming :-) Wish they would have kept the monthly view the same as it was on iOS6!
  • I wish they did too Sent from the iMore App
  • I agree with you. Found a great free calendar app called Tempo - should do the trick for you.
  • Hi, I can't find the Tempo Calendar app in the store.
    I'm in the UK. Regards, Mark
  • Something I cannot find. In iOS6, in SMS Messages, I was able to click on the person's name to bring up the conversation. Then was able to click edit and either clear all or just select the ones to delete. How do I do this in iOS7?
  • Just hold your finger on top of a message in the conversation and hit more.
  • That worked. Thank you.
  • Updated to iOS 7 this morning on my iPad Mini. Really liking it. However, my calendar items are not showing up in the Notification Center. Nor any other items. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Any suggestions.
  • AH! Thank you!
  • I could kiss you for this. Was driving me crazy. Thanks!
  • The new calendar is horrible, its hard to understand how anybody at Apple could think this is better than the one they had before. Everybody will need to spend time getting used to it, contrary to the old one which was intuitive. I dislike most the white expanses, where there is no clear separation between lables and buttons. Btw, excellent tip Allyson, this should be the default view of the calendar, instead of being hidden behind a search icon.
  • One problem is that if you exit the calendar program, and go back into it, you have to select the list view again. It would be nice if this could be set as a default.....
  • We need default view choices. This is always where apple fails at to me, giving the user the option to choose
  • In ‪#‎iOS7‬ Apple removed the setting for how many emails to be visible. Huh? Not much information about this online...yet. One thread in the discussion forums on Apple's website.
  • Probably my single favorite tip post today. This is not intuitive and I don't know if I'd ever have found it just by poking around.
  • Yea I found this out by mistake. Not sure why Apple got rid of the list view option. You shouldn't have to go into search to get a list/agenda view
  • Has anyone else noticed how all day events don't show up in notification center?
  • In the iPad Calendar app. You seem to be unable to look at the month view and then select another future or past date to open the day view. This works on the iphone version but when a date other than today is interacted with only existing events are able to be interacted with. It seems it would be important to activate a date into day view by pressing on it as it is on the phone. I Also agree that getting list view by means of pressing the search icon is not intuitive.
    On a related note,
    Also searches should be empty until you start typing and then fill in as items match the criteria as it is in most other Apple and Mac Search dialogs. This is a poor implementation.
  • Pulling my hair out what little I have left trying to find that.. Keep the great tips coming.
  • I found the list view by accident. But previously if I wanted to add an appointment I could scroll the date to the top of the screen, tap it, and then enter a new appointment on that date by default - very useful when you are looking to book an appointment within a period of a few days. Now it seems I can't do that without going into week or month view and tapping the date with my fat fingers (usually inaccurately). Anyone know how to do it from list view please?
  • see my comment from 2/28/14
  • Another problem with the iPhone 5 Calendar is that you cannot make a new entry directly from the list view. You are required to back out of list to the day view, and then add your new event. In the former version you could scroll the list so the day you wanted to add to was at the top. Then you added the event and it automatically set that as the date of the event -- only had to put in more details. I have a temporary work around. Although the current version of Calendar does not provide for adding to the list view, you can EDIT from the list view. I have set up an infinitely repeating event named X for 11:59 AM with two reminders (5 minutes and 1 day). (Luckily I have to be at lunch every day at about noon so the reminders aren't too annoying.) Now, when I scroll through the list view to a date where I find an opening for a meeting I can simply edit the X item into the appointment I need. Yes, sometimes I will want more than one item per day but it is a start until Apple realizes they should restore the function they deleted. (Why, I cannot fathom -- did they never use the calendar themselves?) I have a friend in town for a couple of weeks. We want to get together a couple of times in that period. I can now scroll the list view, comparing my availability to her availability and sync on a couple of appointments. Instead of a terribly cumbersome add process, I just edit my X items.
  • I've found that after installing iOS 7 on my 4S the magnifying icon just initiates the search function. But if I double tap almost anywhere on the default calendar screen, it toggles to the list view. Then if you tap on the month name in the upper left corner it toggles back to the default screen. This works only if you haven't already toggled to the calendar view that has the abbreviated list at the bottom of the screen.
  • I wish to add a new calender on my ipad mini, but when I go into calender, click on calenders , click edit.. No add calender comes up.. Where do I go from hear? Lmayc