How to accessorize your Jet Black iPhone 7

Jet Black iPhone 7
Jet Black iPhone 7 (Image credit: iMore)

Updated February, 2017 to add the Spigen iPhone 7 Case Ultra Hybrid as a clear case alternative.

Your shiny new Jet Black iPhone 7 is a hypnotic, glossy, beautiful object. So, of course, you need to accessorize accordingly (or what's the point, tbh?) The Jet Black finish is Apple's latest look for the iPhone, so finding the appropriate gear to go along with the glistening contours of your new partner in crime is a must.

Here are a few different ways to accessorize your Jet Black iPhone 7 without sacrificing its superior style.

Vomercy wireless headphones

With a glossy finish to match your Jet Black iPhone 7 flawlessly, Vomercy's wireless, noise-cancelling headphones pack a punch as the perfect partner for your Jet Black iPhone!

Vomercy headphones connect to your iPhone 7 over Bluetooth, though an audio cable is also included if the headphone's battery starts running low (of course, you'll need an adapter for that).

The headphones come with super-cushiony padding that make long-wear listening über comfortable, while phone calls are made easy with a built-in microphone.

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Spigen Thin Fit Jet Black case

Your Jet Black iPhone 7 is definitely eye-catching with it's hyper-smooth, super buffed finish, but without a case to protect it, you risk more than just "micro-abrasions". That's why the Spigen Thin Fit Jet Black case is a great option that'll keep your Jet Black iPhone 7 safe, yet still beautiful, shiny, and lookin' natural.

If Jet Black isn't your thing, you can also get the Thin Fit in four other colors, one to match each of the other iPhones 7!

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Apple Lightning Dock – Black

Charging your iPhone 7 is important. Charging it with a matching lightning dock is super-duper important.

Apple's Lightning Dock is a small yet powerful tool to keep your black Apple accessory vibes going. After plugging in your iPhone 7, your device stands upright and charges effortlessly. It's even got a built-in 3.5 mm headphone jack so you can charge and listen to music at the same time!

These lightning docks come in five different colors, including silver, gold, rose gold, black, and space gray, so there isn't a super specific shiny Jet Black dock yet in this model.

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Anker Candy bar portable charger

Anker's portable charger may be around the size of a chocolate bar, but this little powerhouse of a battery-pack packs a punch while matching your Jet Black iPhone 7's design flawlessly (cue Beyoncé).

Simply connect your iPhone 7 to Anker's Candy bar portable charger, and your iPhone will start powering back up. The power-pack can charge up to two devices and can charge your iPhone up to four times faster than a computer's USB port.

Though it is little, it is fierce: the Anker Candy bar charger is perfect for carrying around and day-to-day at just 4.2 ounces!

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AmazonBasics certified lighting cable

Plug in your Jet Black iPhone 7 with a jet black cable from AmazonBasics and charge your brand new, super-glossy iPhone in accessory heaven!

This Apple MFi certified cable is another perfect partner in keeping the theme of the hypnotic Jet Black finish alive and shiny. With an extra layer of protection, you won't have to worry about massacring or destroying your AmazonBasic's lightning cable: they've been tested to bend 95 degrees nearly 4,000 times, so if you're rough with your tech, this lightning cable might be a good option to consider!

The cable design works to charge with nearly all cases, and you can pick your cable length from three feet, six feet, ten feet, or four inches.

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Spigen iPhone 7 Case Ultra Hybrid

If you're looking for an iPhone case that combines durability with simplicity (and the ability to show off your super sleek, Jet Black iPhone 7), then consider taking a look at the Spigen iPhone 8 Case Ultra Hybrid!

Here's what Brent Zaniewski said in his iMore review:

The Ultra Hybrid Case case features a thin polycarbonate shell on the back that's surrounded by a clear TPU bumper — easy to install and remove when necessary... In terms of drop protection, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid will do a decent job at mitigating damage to your iPhone.

Designed with a hard, transparent, and relatively scratch-proof case with a durable TPU bumper and raised bezel that protects your screen from falls and scrapes, this incredibly thin iPhone 7 case allows the beauty of your new device to shine through while still protecting it from the elements.

The case allows full access for buttons and ports, and has been repeatedly drop-tested at a height of 3+ feet over 26 times. You can pick up your Spigen iPhone 7 Case Ultra Hybrid in a clear with black bumper combo, a completely clear design, a clear and mint bumper combination, or a clear rose gold design.

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How do you accessorize your new iPhone 7?

Is there an iPhone 7 accessory that you can't possibly live without that we might have missed on our list?

Let us know in the comments below and we'll be sure to check it out!

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