How to charge your iPhone and listen to headphones at the same time!

Apple's EarPods with a lightning connector
Apple's EarPods with a lightning connector (Image credit: iMore)

Since the introduction of the iPhone 7, Apple has not included a headphone jack on the iPhone. For those that like to listen to music while their phone charges, this can present a bit of a problem. The good news is that there are a lot of great accessories, such as Belkin's 3.5 mm + Lightning RockStar adapter, that can keep the tunes coming and the power flowing at the same time.

If you want recommendations

As someone who doesn't always like to use a case and has a decent set of wired Audio-Technica headphones, I'm partial to the Belkin 3.5mm + Lightning RockStar for playing and charging when I'm going to sit down and put those headphones on.

But I'm also someone that uses wireless earphones most of the time. Apple's latest generation of AirPods, with better device connections and "Hey Siri" support, are my go-to accessories these days, and paired with the Smart Battery Case, they're a killing charging and listening combination.

Joseph Keller

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