How to connect the Nikon D3400 to your iPhone with SnapBridge

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If you just picked up your Nikon D3400, you're probably going to want to connect it to SnapBridge, an app designed by Nikon that allows you to effortlessly transfer and share your photos and videos wirelessly with your iPhone. Here's how to get started and get snappin' with SnapBridge!

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How to connect the Nikon D3400 to your iPhone with SnapBridge

Turn on your Nikon D3400 and go into the Setup Menu. Then scroll down until you see Connect to smart device. Make sure your Wifi and Bluetooth settings in your camera's menu are on in order to enable SnapBridge.

Once you tap Okay on your camera's touchscreen, the next prompt will ask you about password protection. You can leave password protection off or you can turn it on and set up a password. Tap Start and Okay.

Now you can open the SmartBridge app on your iPhone.

Your Camera's name will appear in your phone if your Wifi and Bluetooth settings have been turned on and all the steps have been followed properly. Tap to select it. You will then be asked to pair devices. Once you tap Pair, the Nikon D3400 and your iPhone will begin to wirelessly connect.

When your iPhone and camera are connected, SnapBridge will give you a code that will appear on your camera and iPhone to show the connection, and so you know that your iPhone and Nikon are paired with one another and not some other random phone.

Congratulations! Your Nikon D3400 is now connected to your iPhone with SnapBridge!

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Additional Equipment

Adding some extra gear to your camera bag can really make or break your shooting experience, just like using your Nikon D3400 without SnapBridge makes uploading a heck of a lot more complicated. Here are some accessories to check out!

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