While Apple has some standard Apple Watch band colors that are available all year, there are some seasonal releases too. These seasonal bands bring a nice splash of color to the best Apple Watch, but they're usually only available for a limited amount of time. And not to mention Apple sells them for at least $49 a pop, which adds up if you want all of them. But there are some more affordable options out there. Here are the best Apple Watch band colors that you can get for a fraction of the cost that Apple charges.

Gbpoot Sport Braided Loop Atlantic Blue

Blue like the sea: GBPOOT Atlantic Blue Braided Solo Loop for Apple Watch

Staff favorite

GBPOOT has made some good clones of Apple's new Braided Solo Loop. This Atlantic Blue is a nice, rich blue that is a good match to Apple's, but you pay one-fifth of the cost. There are also several different sizes to choose from, so make sure you have your measurements ready.

$20 at Amazon
Amband Leather Colorful Stripe

Celebrate Black Unity: amBand Colorful Stripe Leather Band for Apple Watch

If you like the colors of Apple's Black Unity Sport Loop, but don't care for the Sport Loop style or prefer leather, then amBand has you covered. This leather strap features four stripes in black, green, and red, similar to the Black Unity band. You get a more traditional watch strap with this one, though, and for a fraction of the cost.

From $17 at Amazon
Geoumy Pride White Black Pack Band

Show off your pride: Geoumy 2-pack Pride Sport Bands for Apple Watch

Like the Nike Pride 2020 band, but don't like the price, or think it would look better in black? Geoumy has you covered with this two-pack of silicone sport bands. It comes with one white and one black, and the Nike-style holes are rainbow-colored, and it's comfortable and breathable.

$14 at Amazon
Strawberry Apple Pie Citrus Pink Solo Loop

Mmmm, tasty!: Strawberry Apple Pie Citrus Pink Stretchy Solo Loop for Apple Watch

One of Apple's new styles is a stretchy silicone strap, the Solo Loop, which is like the Braided Loop sans the braiding. Strawberry Apple Pie offers a nice dupe of these straps, and it even comes in the bright and cheery Citrus Pink color, which is perfect for spring. There are also other options to pick from.

$12 at Amazon
Gbpoot Sport Braided Loop Inverness Green

Get in touch with your roots: GBPOOT Inverness Green Braided Solo Loop for Apple Watch

For those who like neutral colors, the Inverness Green braided solo loop from GBPOOT is a great option while adding something different. It is a nice olive green that can go with a lot of different outfits and scenarios.

$20 at Amazon
Adepoy Soft Silicone Sports Band Plum

Elegant but sporty: Adepoy Soft Silicone Plum Sport Band for Apple Watch

There's nothing quite like sipping on a good glass of wine, and that's what this band embodies. This band is a close match to Apple's Plum Sport Loop color, but it uses a more traditional watch strap style with a colored clasp. It's soft silicone, so it's waterproof and skin-friendly.

From $9 at Amazon
Bestig Double Tour Leather Band Pink Ivory

For the fashionistas: Bestig Genuine Leather Double Tour Strap for Apple Watch

While Apple doesn't carry these tri-color Hermès bands anymore, you can still find them floating around. Bestig's leather double tour straps come in a huge variety of colors, including this cute pink and ivory white colorway that I love! These unique color combinations and double tour style add a touch of high fashion to any outfit, for much less than a real Hermès band.

From $23 at Amazon
Amband Leather Pride Stripe

Rainbows everywhere: amBand Pride Leather Band for Apple Watch

Prefer the more noticeable Pride 2020 stripes? This leather strap from amBand features the rainbow in vertical stripes along the strap, and it has elegant polished hardware to give it a touch of class.

From $17 at Amazon
Waspo Silicone Solo Loop Pink Punch

Pop of pink: WASPO Pink Punch Silicone Solo Loop for Apple Watch

If you like the colorful coral pink that Apple offers but don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it, WASPO has a good option. This strap closely matches the Pink Punch color from Apple, but it's important to note that while this is a "solo loop," it's made with silicone and stamped with a braided pattern, so it's actually not braided nylon. Still, it's a very affordable alternative.

$10 at Amazon
Easuny Sport Bands Trio Northern Blue Ginger Pine Green

A colorful trio: Easuny Sport Bands for Apple Watch

This trio pack of silicone sport bands from Easuny gives you three colorful options for a low price. This particular pack has a clone of Apple's new Northern Blue Apple Watch band color and the older Ginger and a Pine Green. There are other trios of colors to choose from as well.

$12 at Amazon
Gbpoot Sport Braided Loop Red

Bold but comfortable: GBPOOT Red Braided Solo Loop for Apple Watch

Did you get the new PRODUCT(RED) Apple Watch Series 6? Then this red braided solo loop from GBPOOT is a perfect match. It's made with recycled materials but is skin-friendly and super comfortable. And it costs much less than Apple's official version.

$20 at Amazon
Maxjoy Orange Leather Double Tour

Bright and flashy: Maxjoy Orange Sport Edition Double Tour Leather Strap

While Apple's Hermès straps are nice, most of us don't want to pay those huge prices. Maxjoy's Double Tour Leather Strap is similar to the Hermès Orange Swift Single Tour, for much less. The bright color and the double tour style are sure to turn some heads.

$19 at Amazon

The best Apple Watch band colors for less

I'll admit it — Apple comes out with some beautiful colors every season. However, the biggest issue is the price because not everyone wants to spend at least $49 on a new Apple Watch band for their collections. I mean, of course, the quality may not be the same level as Apple, but if you're just trying to get more Apple Watch band colors to choose from and match your outfits, then the more the merrier!

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Out of these, I like the Geoumy 2-pack Pride Sport Bands for Apple Watch because of the Nike Sport Band Pride 2020 Edition, but I always wished it came in black. This two-pack solves that problem, especially since Apple no longer sells the Nike Pride 2020 band anymore.

Another good recommendation is the GBPOOT Braided Solo Loop. This design is almost an exact match to Apple's colors, and the bands are actually made with braided yarn. They're also very comfortable. The Red and Atlantic Blue options for the GBPOOT Braided Solo Loops would be especially good on the PRODUCT(RED) and Blue Apple Watch Series 6.

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